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Q: What is the significance of the raft the shower the skeleton the invisible twine and the speaker of the dead in the book Ender's Game?
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What happens at the end of Enders game?

Ender kills off all the buggers and regrets it. Becomes the Speaker for the Dead in response.

What is the significance of the title enders game?

Calling "the game" Ender's implies that it is a game designed specifically for Ender.

What is the birth name of Georgiana Enders?

Georgiana Enders's birth name is Georgiana Rose Enders.

What is the birth name of Ruth Enders?

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Is Enders Game related to zone of the enders?


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How tall is Georgiana Enders?

Georgiana Enders is 5' 4".

Who is the author in enders game?

the AUTHOR IN ENDERS GAME IS Shel Silverstean

How is ender manipulated in enders game?

how is manipulation shown in Enders game

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Georgiana Enders goes by Georgie.

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