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What is the simplest method for cleaning an old brass lamp?

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Clean your brass with hot soapy water and a soft cloth. An old toothbrush will help out in tight spots. (If you're cleaning a lamp: unplug it before you start, and keep water away from the cord and socket area).

Never use anything abrasive -- no baking soda, wire wool, brushes, or acidic solutions -- on plated brass.

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When you apply tamarind juice on brass lamp What type of property of brass lamp you try to restore?


How can you tell if a lamp is satin brass?

what is satin bras on a lamp

How can someone clean a brass table lamp?

One can clean a brass table lamp by: applying rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) to a light sponge and rubbing it against the lamp. Then wipe the lamp with the yellow cloth that came with the alcohol to polish it.

Where can you purchase a floor brass lamp?

A floor brass lamp can be purchased at stores that sell home furnishings such as Bed Bath and Beyond. One great store would be Pure One Imports which sells many unique items and would definitely have a floor lamp made of brass.

How does one clean a brass table lamp safely?

One can safely clean a brass table lamp by dampening a soft cloth in hot vinegar. After that, one should dip the cloth in table salt and rub the brass.

Does Home Depot have a wide variety of brass floor lamps in stock in their stores?

The Home Depot has a large variety of floor brass lamps. They range of pricing depends on the height of the lamp, the number of parts on the lamp, as well as how large the lamp is. You can also buy a different lamp shade for the floor lamp as well.

Where could one go to purchase an antique brass lamp?

One could purchase an antique brass lamp from Amazon or Pottery Barn. One of the most known sources for antique brass lamps is called Lamps Plus as they have a wide range available.

What fuel do you put in a brass miners lamp?

carbide and water mixture

What is value of Rembrandt antique brass floor lamp R7941?

$ 320 :00

Where can one purchase an antique brass chandelier?

One can purchase an antique brass chandelier from the following sources: Lamp and Light, Alexander and Pearl, Home Lighting Store UK, eBay, Lamp Plus, Amazon, Etsy.

What is the value of Rembrandt antique brass floor lamp R 9621?

a minimum of $330.00

What is the price range for good piano lamp?

The price of piano lamps varies depending on the type, but (clip on lamp, grand piano lamp or brass piano lamp) from what I gather piano lamps generally range from $106-$410.

You spilled lamp oil in your car - how do you get it out?

A cleaning company might be able to get it out.

What are the main features of the Antique oil lamp?

One main feature of the antique oil lamp is the brass pieces that make up the antique oil lamp. Another main feature of the antique oil lamp is the older rustic looking exterior.

Which is a homogenous mixture?

a homogeneos mixture is a mixture that you cannot tell the different parts in it, such as the brass in a lamp.

How does one get an antique jade lamp authenticated?

I have an old table lamp that is brass filigree base and spacers and three large stone balls that might be jade. They are not a solid color

Name something made of brass?

bed candlesticks door knocker trumpet Doorknob lamp bell horn

How do you clean a 100-year-old brass lamp with intricate cutouts and is fabric lined?

The Miracle Cloth did it!

In you spy spooky night where are the brass birdies?

They are the two lamp shades. It's a play on words, meaning Badminton birdies.

Method of synchronization of an alternator?

there are many ways of synchronization.2.1 Synchronizing lamps2.2 Synchroscope2.3 Synchronizing relaysalso there are wattmeter method and lamp method

Is the word lamp a common noun?

Yes, the word 'lamp' is a common noun, a general word for a device used for light or heat; a word for any lamp of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Dr. Eric Lamp, Optometrist, Wichita, KSBrass Lamp Drive in Ballwin, MO or Lamp Street in Oakland, CALamp Post Inn, Ann Arbor, MI

How do you clean a brass beaded lamp that has intricate cutouts and is fabric lined?

This sounds like a beautiful lamp so don't take chances and take the shade off and take it into a VERY WELL KNOWN dry cleaners and have your lamp shade done the professional way. There are several methods you can use to do it yourself, but it's not worth the risk for such a beautiful lamp shade.

What is a Antique Brass Sarna India Genie Lamp Worth?

Your best bet is to find a reputable appraiser for any collectibles you think of value.

I have a solid brass floor lamp, the base says ef ef industries Chicago catalog no. 414. How can I find out value?

Look up that item on listing sites like eBay and compare prices. I would recommend selling for a couple dollars less if you want it to sell.

Where can you buy antique brass floor lamps?

You can probably find one at Lamps Plus or Home Depot. If you want a truly classic antique brass floor lamp, check your local antique stores. You may be able to negotiate a lower price from the dealer.