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Belarus has a total land area of 207,600 sq km, or 80,150 sq miles.

The length of its land boundary is 3,306 km.

It is number 85 on the list of countries by size.

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Q: What is the size of Belarus?
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What is the size of Belarus in square miles?

Belarus - 80,155 square miles.

Which one is larger in terms of size Nebraska or Belarus?

Belarus: 207,595 km2 or 80,155 sq mi Nebraska: 200,520 km2 or 77,354 sq mi Belarus is larger than Nebraska in terms of size.

Total land area of Belarus?

It is 207,600 square kilometers in size.

What is the port of Belarus?

There are no ports in Belarus because Belarus is a landlocked country.

What countries are about the same size as Minnesota?

When you compare it's square kilometers, the closest country in terms of land area; Belarus is roughly the size of Minnesota

Is Belarus a Country?

Yes. Belarus is a country.

Is Belarus in Europe?

Yes, Belarus is in Europe.

What is the government of belarus like?

Belarus is a dictatorship.

Is Belarus a Baltic state?

No, as Belarus is landlocked.

Is Belarus in Asia or Europe?

Belarus is in Europe.

What continent can be found in Belarus?

There isn't a continent in Belarus. Belarus is a county in a continent. That continent is Europe.

Is Belarus a sea?

No. Belarus is a country in eastern Europe.

Is Belarus apart of Russia?

Belarus - an independent state.

Which continent is Belarus located on?

Belarus is in eastern Europe.

What are the port cities in Belarus?

None. Belarus is landlocked.

What kind of government does Belarus have?

Belarus is a Presidential Republic.

Does Belarus border an ocean?

Belarus is a landlocked country.

Is Belarus a country or state?

Belarus is a country in Europe.

What country was Belarus in?

Belarus was formerly part of the USSR.

What are the political systems in Belarus Europe?

Belarus is a dictatorship.

Which hemisperes for belarus?

Belarus is in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres.

Is Belarus in NATO?

Belarus is not a member country of NATO.

Is Belarus bigger or smaller than Ohio?

Please be more specific; your question could refer to size in area, or population.

In which hemisphere is Belarus in northern or southern?

Belarus is in the northern hemisphere.

On what continent is the country of Belarus?

Belarus is located on the European continent.