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A Badminton racquet sizes is never over the size of 680mm in height and 230mm in width.

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What is a badminton racquet made of?

A badminton racquet is made of titanium, graphite & fullerene.

What is the worst yonex badminton racquet in the world?

The worst Yonex badminton racquet is the one you use worst.

What type of game is badminton?

Badminton is a Racquet sport!

What is head in badminton?

The head on a badminton racquet is isometric in shape.

What is the equepment of the game of badminton?

The equiments are a shuttlecock,a racquet,a pair of badminton shoes and a badminton net.

What is badminton equipment?

The badminton equipment you need is a birdie, a badminton racquet, another player, a badminton court and a pair of badminton shoes.

What is badminton similar to?

Tennis, Squash or racquet ball.

Do's and dont's in playing badminton?

do's = strike the shuttlecock with the racquet so that it passes over the net use a racquet

Which is not a racquet sport?

for APEX... volleyball

What is a badminton racquet?

a badminton raquet is the peice of eqiupment that people (that are playing badmintom) use to hit the birdie/shuttlecock. - Chow

What are the different types of racquet sports?

There are over twenty different forms of racquet sports. The most popular of these are: Racquet Ball, Tennis, BadMinton, Lacrosse, Paddle Ball and Ping Pong.

How do you spell badmiton?

The correct spelling of the racquet, shuttlecock, and net game is badminton.

What is backhand shot in badminton?

It is when you hit the shuttlecock with a racquet by using the backhand stroke

How badminton unlike other racquet sports?

It uses a shuttlecock instead of a ball

How is badminton unlike other racquet sports?

it uses a shuttlecock instead of a ball.

What is a forehand shot in badminton?

A forehand shot in badminton is where the shuttlecock is hit forward with the racquet without crossing the upper body as in a backhand shot.

What is a carry in badminton?

When the birdie is not hit over but stays on the racquet and guided over the net.

What is pickeball?

Pickeball is a racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.

What three sports that uses a racquet?

The three sports that use a racket or racquet are: # Badminton # Table Tennis # Tennis

Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

Disadvantages in playing badminton?

it makes you tired!!!! It can also cause someone to get hit in the face by the racquet...

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