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What is the size of a cheetah?


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October 08, 2016 8:19PM
  • Cheetahs can weigh up to 77 to 143 (35 to 65 kg)
  • They range from 45 to 53 inches (115 to 135 cm) long.
  • Their tails measure up to 33 inches (84 cm) in length.
  • Male cheetahs are slightly larger than females and their heads are bigger.

Male and female cheetahs have little size difference as seen in other big cats. With the magnificent cats, both male and female grow to around three feet tall shoulders down. The Asiatic cheetah is lighter than the African cheetah.

5 feet

A cheetah is between 45 - 53 inches in body length, weighing about as much as a Labrador of 88 to 125 pounds. It's tail length is 33 inches.