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What is the size of a computer?

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This is an ambiguous question since it doesn't give the context as to the type of size being requested. Do you mean physical? A desktop PC is around 9" wide, 18" deep, and about 15" tall. If you mean the storage capacity, it can range from almost none to several terabytes or more. If you mean the RAM capacity, it ranges from 1k of a few old computers to 64 Gb or more.

So it is hard to be more specific with a question this broad.

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What are computer classification by size?

What are computer classification by size?"

What is the size of the desktop computer?

the size of the desktop computer is (small).

What is a medium size computer?

not small and not also big size computer....

What piece of computer equipment is about the size of a kidney?

about the size of a computer mouse.

What is the average size of a server computer?

The average size of a server computer is 37WTS, (49inches), and 3feet.

What is the storage size ot the word Computer?

The storage size of the word computer Is a common size. For instance if you type computer on word document then it will take up 1.5 of a bit.

What was the physical size of the first computer?

The first computer was roughly the size of a small house, and had vacuum tubes.

3 types of computer according to size?

micro-computer mainframe computer super computer

What are the four types of computer according to size and capacity?

according to size smallest to biggest Mobile Computer Microcomputer Mainframe Computer Supercomputer answer by vanshika

Classification of computer according to size and speed?

According to size• Supercomputers• Mainframe Computers• Minicomputers• Workstations• Microcomputers, or Personal ComputersAccording to speedmicro computermini computermainframe computersuper computer

How do the size of RAM effect the computer?

More RAM => faster computer

What is the physical size of a mobile computer?

The size shoold be about 11 inches.

What are the size of hail stones?

the can be pea size up to computer CD

What is the size of a micro-computer?

the microprocessor that does the work is about 1/2 inch squarethe package containing the microprocessor is about 1.5 inch square to 2 inch square.All the rest of the stuff to make the computer "usable" varies with application from the size of a cellphone to the size of a calculator to the size of a laptop to the size of a desktop.

What is the size of the personal computer?

The size of the personal computer varies depending on ones preference. One may have a large desktop and another person have a mini laptop as their personal computer.

Large computer and medium-size computer?

Hi Not shore what exactly what you are meaning but a large computer will be bigger with more space for the motherboard and components while a medium-size computer will be smaller with less room.

What are the three classification of a computer?

according to me according to size super computer mini computer work stations

Is the size of ps2 CD and computer CD same?

The DVD for PS2 and the CD for a Computer game or a DVD for a computer game are the same size and so is the PS3 Blue Ray Discs.

What is the average computer monitor size?

Average computer monitor size is 3 x 1 meters (120 x 40 inches).

What is the storage size of a word on a computer?

It depends on the size of bit support the processor.

What is size of super computer?

Different supercomputers are of different sizes, there is no one size.

Are computer cases and bags typically one-size-fits-all?

Most computer cases and bags are expandable and will accomodate screens up to 17". However, if the computer screen is larger, you will of course need the appropriate size.

What was a computer like in 1960?

the size of a room

What are the types of computer according to size?


What is the size of a computer server?

it is about 17" at the max

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