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an adult is about 8 inches from the nose end of its tail

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Q: What is the size of a gerbil?
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What size is a gerbil's brain?

About the size of a pea

What is bigger a hamster or a gerbil?

if it is a dwarf hamster and a gerbil then a Gerbil but if you are talking about a regular biggish hamster then it can be the same size but usually the gerbil is bigger

How big are gerbil brains?

about the size of a pea.

What is the size and weight of a gerbil at birth?

A newborn gerbil pup is only about 3 centimeters long and weighs only 2.5-3.3 grams! That's about the size of a penny!

What is the full size of a male gerbil?

Depends on if you measure from the base or not.

What is the difference between a gerbil an guinea pig?

yes size

What to feed a baby gerbil?

A baby gerbil, or gerbil pup, relies on its mother's milk until they are four weeks of age. If your gerbil still needs its mother's milk, but cannot get it, feed it kitten replacement milk through an eyedropper three times daily. If the gerbil pup is weaned, then a good starter food is Cheerios. These are the perfect size for tiny gerbil hands and are healthy for them, too! However, a gerbil pup should start eating the same food its parents do as it is weaned.

What do you call a male hamster or gerbil?

a gerbil is called a gerbil

What is a baby gerbil called?


What does a gerbil eat?

gerbil food

How long is an average gerbil's tail in inches?

Usually 2 to 3 inches it really depends on the size of the gerbil. If you have any more questions about gerbils go to my website,

How do you introduce a baby male gerbil to an adult female gerbil?

Like if you intruduce a baby gerbil to a female and a male gerbil they might be nice to him but the male gerbil might play fight or fight in the cage i do not think if you leave the baby gerbil in the same cage with the male gerbil or a female gerbil the female gerbil migt fight or play fight with the baby gerbil if u do please be real care full because if the male gerbil no that the babby gerbil if its a baby girl gerbil yhey will mate or if u do the same with the adult female gerbil they mate to with a baby boy gerbil or adult gerbil will mate to and also mate means that the female gerbil have babbies with the male gerbils .

What is a gerbil toy?

a toy a gerbil plays with

What is a Siamese gerbil?

a gerbil that has red eyes

How do you get a gerbil pregnant?

You put her in with a male gerbil.

Is a gerbil half rat and hamster?

no its a gerbil

What is a sentence for gerbil?

She has a gerbil called Gerry.The gerbil nibbled on the treat.

What is the biomass of a gerbil?

A biomass of a gerbil is when a gerbil gives birth but to a super large amount of gerbils

What is gerbil in French?

The word gerbil in french is gerbille.

What is gerbil in German?

Wustenrennmaus is how you say gerbil in German.

Whats more tame a mouse or a gerbil?

a gerbil.

What is a gerbil male called?

a male gerbil. simple as that

How do you spell gerbil?

you spelt it correctly!๐Ÿ˜Ž

Can a male gerbil live with a female gerbil?

The answer is yes.

What is most nutricious for a gerbil to eat?

Gerbil food.