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i dnt know but u can search on the web

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Q: What is the size of a monopoly property card?
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How much is house in game of monopoly?

Depends on the property. It says on the property card.

How do you tell how much an opponent In monopoly owes for landing on your property?

check on the property card

How do you find rent in Monopoly if you buy houses?

It's on the property card

What do the Monopoly property cards say?

A Monopoly property card lists the mortgage value for the property (one half of the board purchase price). The card also provides the price for houses added, and what the rent is for opponents, either with no development, with one to four houses, or with a hotel. It also states the double rent rule, which only applies to undeveloped properties that are part of a monopoly -- the base rent is doubled, but not once a property has any houses or hotels.

What most expensive property British monopoly?

Mayfair is the most expensive property in British Monopoly.

What is the most expensive property in London monopoly?

Mayfair is the most expensive property in the London version of Monopoly.

In the game of monopoly what colour is the property of Bond Street?

The property of Bond Street is green in the game of monopoly.

Which monopoly property is more expensive?

The most expensive property on the UK Edition of Monopoly is Mayfair, costing £400

What are the dimensions of the cards in the Monopoly Deal card game?

I have no idea why you would want to know this but the monopoly deal game cards are the same size as a normal deck of cards so if you don't have the monopoly card game just use a normal deck of cards it's the same dimensions

What is the most landed on monopoly property?

The light blue property's

Can you trade property's in game of monopoly?

Yes you can trade properties in a game of Monopoly.

What is the most expensive property in the game of monopoly?

It depends on which version of monopoly that you are playing. If it is the original game, then the most expensive property is Boardwalk.

What colour is the property Fleet Street in the game of monopoly?

Fleet Street is usually a red property on the U.K. version of a Monopoly game board.

Which game is monopoly?

Monopoly is a popular board game, a property trading game that allows you and your family to go buy, and sell property, and have a blast.

How do you unmortgage property in monopoly?

once it is your turn than you are able to unmortgage your property the price for your mortgage house will be on the back of the card and if there are any other problems just read the instruct book.

What is the name of the game that you have to do what is on the card?


Name a property on the monopoly board that uses all the letters in the word monopoly?

electric company

What is the highest price in monopoly?

Boardwalk is the highest property and it is $400 in the original United States Monopoly.

The orange card is chance in monopoly what is the yellow card?

Community Chest.

First property after go in monopoly?

The first property after Go is Mediterranean Avenue.

In the game Monopoly what is the advantage of having a monopoly?

When you have a monopoly, you are allowed to add houses and hotels to your property increasing the rental amount when someone lands on it.

What property is before go in monopoly?


Can you buy houses when your property is mortgaged in monopoly?


What is the first possible property purchase in monopoly?

That's easy Old Kent Road in British Monopoly.

How old do you have to be to have your own visa card?


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