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Depending on the breed, many different sizes.

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How much does a harbor seal weigh?

A harbor seal weighs about 100 pounds. (size may vary because of seal sex)

What is the size of a northern elephant seal?


What size is a seal?

Well, it all depends on what kind of seal it is. A seal would probably be around..5 to 6 feet long, and about 375 to 400lbs.

What is the size of a harp seal?

75 - 195 kg

What is the size of a leopard seal?

They are about 10 to11.5 feet.

What size can an elephant seal grow up to?

as big as it can get

What is the length of a seal?

It varies in size. But the largest seal is the Elephant Seal which can grow up to 13 feet long.The smallest seal is the Baikal Seal and it can grow up to 4 feet and 3 inches

Is there required size for a seal weld per AISC?

The required size for a seal weld per AISC is eighteen foot length. AISC also specifies minimum weld size based on the thicknesses of the members joined.

What is the size of a snow seal?

im not sire the exzact size but they weight about 9000 to 1100 puonds

What is the size of a Harp Seal from birth to adulthood?

150 to155

What is the size that a harp seal can get?

Baby harp seal weighs 15 pounds and its size is 3 feet long. The adult weighs 375 pounds and it's 6 feet long.

What is the sizing information for jeans at Wet Seal?

The jeans at Wet Seal run about 1 size larger than what they are tagged as.

What is the size of the carnivore?

Carnivores range in size from a pygmy shrew to the bull (male) Southern Elephant Seal.

What is the weight of a Indus valley seal?

It depends on the size and shape of the seal. Small seals are most probably about 1 to 2 kg

Where did the leopard seal get its name?

because of all the spots and it's size.

Average size of a Navy Seal?

Huge 5'10" 185 lbs

How do you replace the crankshft oil seal?

Need more info like the year, make, engine size and front or rear crankshaft seal.

What is the size or weight of seals?

the size of a normal seal is usually * to 6 or 7 metres, and can weigh over 4 tonnes.

Which mammal has the greatest relative size difference between the sexes?

Elephant Seal

What is the size of the biggest elephant seal ever recorded?

The biggest Eplephant seal ever recorded would be the southern elephant seal. The males have been recorded at a staggering 20ft and can weigh as much as 8,800 pounds!

How much does a leopard seal eat?

a leopard seal eats 5 penguins a day depending on its size and its appetite it usually hunts for 4.5kg of fish but it prefers penguin

How do you change the rear transmission seal on 2002 suburban?

output shaft seal It should just pop out with a screwdriver once the drive shaft is out, the new one presses in, use a hammer and a socket the same size as the metal part of the seal.

How big is the leopard seal jaw?

the leopard seals jaws are about the size of 6 human jaws

What are gray Seals enemies?

The main enemy of the Grey Seal is man, due to their size and weight.

Where do they sell jeans size 00 for cheap?

Wet Seal and Papaya have size 00 jeans for 20 dollars. They fit well and look good.

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