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To serve with coffee, a simple-flavored (like white, angel, vanilla, or pound) cake should be served in moderate sized slices. Slightly smaller than average.

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Q: What is the size of cake that should be served with coffee?
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What is the size of an coffee nut cake?

In reality, it can be any size you want it to be. Traditionally, it is the size of the average cake pan, though.

What size should your cake stand be for a 14 inch cake?

you should make your stand 3 ft. otherwise, make it 4.

How much did Starbucks coffee cost in 1990?

Starbucks coffee is typically more expensive then coffee served by other chains. In 1990 if you wanted a cup of Starbucks, chances were you paid about 4 dollars depending on the size and type of drink you ordered.

How many crab cakes for 38 people?

That depends on the size of the crab cake and what course it is being served as. As the main course 2 palm sized crab cakes is normally served. As an appetizer, one or several smaller sized ones are served.

What size cake should I buy for 50 people?

Approximately 1.5-2 inches of cake per person, so a rectangular cake about 15 inch by 30 inch cake or so.

How much will a 15 x 11 cake pan serve?

A 15 by 11 inch cake pan will make a sheet cake. This size of cake should serve at least 60 people depending on the size of the pieces that are cut. Smaller pieces may serve up to 90.

How much wedding cake should i order?

That depends on the size of your guest list.

How big or small should a wedding cake be?

It depends on the size of your guest list.

How many tablepoons in and ounce of cake flour?

It depends on sizes of your cake. if cake is big, you should mix around 85 gram or 16 tablespoons. While a small size of cake, you can decrease a mount of tablespoons.

How you make a funnel cake?

Funnel cake is really not a cake, it is somewhat of a pancake batter mix that is poured thru a funnel into hot grease to a desired size, sort of like fried dough, but it is more delicate. When done it is served with powdered sugar or cinnamon/powdered sugar

What is the standard size of plates for serving cake?

The standard size of the plates for serving a cake are as follows; plate for serving small to medium size of cake or desert is 30cm wide, 33 centimeters diameter for larger size of cake.

What is the size of a standard coffee table?

There is no specific size to a standard coffee table. It can be as wide and long as you want. However, height-wise, it generally should be 16-18 inches and no higher than 20.

Does coffee affect your penis size?

Coffee doesn't affect your penis size.

How much time do a cake need for getting cooked?

You should bake your cake at 160/fan or 180/for an other oven. The cake needs about 25-35 minutes depending on the size.

I'm moving a wedding cake next week. What are some of the strongest cake carriers?

It depends on the size of your cake. The Wilton company makes several varieties of cake carriers based on the size of the cake.

What is the mass of a birthday cake?

Depends on the size of the cake.

How big a wedding cake do you need for 250 people?

Check with your local baker/cake decorator about the size of cake needed. Depending upon the cake/size and decorations and extras a cake for 250 will cost upwards of $300.

Can you refreeze wedding cake?

That depends on the foundation of the cake, the size, the flavor, and when the cake was made.

How tall should your wedding cake be verses the cake topper?

There are no exact measurements. The wedding topper should be a few inches tall (6 inches is usually a pretty good height). The cake should meet your needs. A small wedding of 100 people might only need a cake one or 2 tiers (layers) high, while a wedding triple that size might need a cake that is 6 or 7 tiers high.

How many fresh strawberries can you add to a pound cake recipe?

it really depends on the size of the pound cake and how you are thinking of making it but usually 15 to 20 should do it

How many pennies are in a coffee can?

Depends on the size of the coffee can

How much does a 12 x 18 cake pan feed?

4x4 serving size should get you about 12 servings.

How big are coffee beans?

A coffee bean is about the size of a peanut.

What is radius of coffee cup?

It depends on the size of the coffee cup.

How many coffee beans per cup of coffee?

It depends on the size of the cup.