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What is the size of Connecticut?

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Connecticut's estimated population was 3,590,886 as of July 1, 2015 per the U.S. Census Bureau. Connecticut has total area of 5,543.41 square miles which includes 4,842.36 square miles of land.

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What is the size rank of Connecticut?

what is the populatin of connecticut

Where does Connecticut rank in size among other states?

Connecticut is the third smallest state.

What us state compares in size to Lebanon?

Around the size of Connecticut!

What state compares to Northern Ireland in size?

Connecticut is the closest in size to Northern Ireland. Connecticut is about 14,357 square kilometres. Northern Ireland is about 14,130 square kilometres.

What size is Connecticut in square miles?

CT is 48th in size with 5,543 square miles.

What is the closest US state in size compared to Qatar?


What is the largest iceberg?

The largest iceberg is B-15. It is the size of Connecticut.

What is the largest county in Connecticut by size?

It is Litchfield which is 920 square miles

What Maine county is as large as Rhode Island and Connecticut combined?

No Maine county is as large as Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. RI is 1545 square miles and Connecticut is 5,544 square miles in size. The largest Maine county is Aroostook, which is 6,672 square miles in size.

How does size of Wales compare to Connecticut?

Area of Wales is 20,761 km²Area of Connecticut is 14,357 km²20761 − 14357 = 6404Therefore, Wales is larger than Connecticut by 6404 km²

Size in square miles?

The island of Jamaica is about 4,000 square miles, just about the same size as the state of Connecticut.

What other states have a population size similar to Oregon?

Oklahoma and Connecticut both have similar size populations to Oregon.

How does Connecticut rank in size among the states?

48 with 5543.33 sq miConnecticut ranks 48th of 50 states in total area.

What state in the united state is the size of Puerto Rico?

None. Puerto Rico isl about double the size of Delaware and about 2/3 the size of Connecticut.

What US state is Puerto Rico similar in size to?

It is slightly smaller then Connecticut.

What are some plus size stores in Connecticut?

Torrid, DEB, Dots, Rainbow

How large is Mexico compared to Connecticut?

Mexico has an area of 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,606 sq mi) while Connecticut has an area of 14,357 sq km (5,543). Mexico is almost 138 times the size of Connecticut.

How large is the population for the state of Connecticut?

Connecticut is the southernmost U.S. state in the New England region. The state is ranked 29th in population size. In 2012, the population was estimated at 3,590,347.

What state is relative to the size of Qatar?

Qatar is 4,416 sq mi, Connecticut is 5,544 sq mi.

Where is the biggest casino at in the US and what is it called?

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut. Its monstrous size is the result of minimal competition.

How is Puerto Rico compare to the United State in size?

It is smaller then Connecticut and larger then Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

Which compromise combined parts of the New Jersey plan and the Virginia Plan to make the legislature like it is today?

the Connecticut CompromiseThe Connecticut Compromise.The Connecticut Compromise.

What city is Connecticut in?

Connecticut is a state. There are cities in Connecticut.

Can you get a divorce in Connecticut if you married in Chicago?

Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.

What state in the US is the same size as Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is not the same size as any state. Puerto Rico is larger than Delaware, but smaller than Connecticut in land area. If you include territorial waters in the area totals, then Puerto Rico is nearly the same size as Connecticut and its territorial waters. Land Area. Delaware - 1954 Sq. Mi. Puerto Rico - 3429 Sq. Mi. Connecticut - 4844 Sq. Mi. Total area including territorial waters: Delaware - 2490 Sq. Mi. Puerto Rico - 5325 Sq. Mi. Connecticut - 5543 Sq. Mi.