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The diameter of Neptune is 49244 km.

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Q: What is the size of the planet Neptune?
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What is Neptune size of planet?

Neptune is 3rd biggest planet

Size of the planet Neptune?

Neptune has a diameter of 30,685 miles.

What planet does neptune same size?

Neptune is very much like Uranus in size.

What is the size of planet Neptune?


What size is Neptune is it inner or outer planet?

outer planet

Which planet is the same as Neptune?

No planet is the same as Neptune. Uranus is similar in size, but is quite different in its composition.

What planet is the same size as Neptune?

Uranus is the closest planet in size with an equatorial radius of 25,559 km compared to Neptune of 24,764km

Which planet is same size as Uranus?


How does Neptune compare to Earth?

Neptune is a planet like Earth and they are both the same size That answer is so wrong (no offense) but Neptune is more than 3 times the size of Earth and Neptune is a gas planet, has rings, and has no life.

Why is Neptune not considered as the planet in the Solar System?

Neptune is considered as a planet. It's Pluto that's not considered as a planet due to its small size.

What planet is roughly the same size as the Neptune?

Uranus and Neptune are similar in size, with diameters of 51,118km and 49,528km, respectively.

Is planet earth the same size as neptune?

No. Neptune is much larger than Earth.

What planet is almost the same size as Uranus?


Circumference of Neptune in miles?

The circumference of Neptune in miles is 96,129 miles. This planet is almost four times the size of the planet Earth.

How does Neptune compare in size with other planets?

neptune is the third bigest planet from the solar system

What planet is similar to Uranus in terms of its size and mass?


What planet about the same size as Uranus?

Neptune; it is almost as large.

What planet is most similar to Uranus in size and mass?


All most the same size as Uranus its neighboring planet?


What planet has rings and is the same size of Neptune?

Saturn but it is slightly smaller

What is the size of Neptune in miles?

Neptune has a diameter of about 30,598 miles, or 49,244 kilometers. Neptune is a blue planet that is the farthest from the Sun in the Solar System.

Which planet is almost the same size as Neptune?

Uranus is almost the same size as Neptune. They are comprised of the same gases, just in slightly different proportions.

Which planet or dwarf planet is farthest from the sun?

Planet: Neptune at 30 AUDwarf Planet: Eris at 67.67 AUThe farthest planet from the sun is Neptune. The farthest dwarf planet from the sun is Pluto. The planet, Pluto is no longer considered a planet because of its size.

Is Neptune a star or a planet?

Neptune is a planet.

Which planet is very similar to Neptune in size and color?

no planet isvery similar but uranus is a little similar