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What is the size relation of Massachusetts to Rwanda?

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The U.S. state of Massachusetts is slightly larger than the African country of Rwanda. Massachusetts is 10,555 square miles in area, and Rwanda is 10,169 square miles.

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What is the size relation of Massachusetts compared to the other 50 states?

What is the size relation of Massachusetts compared to the other 50 states?

What is the size of Rwanda?

Rwanda measures 10,169 sq miles, approximately the size of Maryland.

What is the size of Massachusetts?

10,555 is the size of Massachusetts

Is Rwanda the size of Maryland?

Rwanda is 26,338 Sq. Km. and the State of Maryland is 27,092 Sq. Km., so you could say that Rwanda is about the size of Maryland. It is closer to the size of Maryland than it is to any other state in the USA.

What is Massachusetts' rank in size?

Massachusetts ranks 44th in size.

What is the time difference between Massachusetts and Rwanda?

Rwanda (UTC+2) is 6 hours ahead of Massachusetts (UTC-5/UTC-4) from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November and 7 hours ahead the rest of the year.-HW

What is the area of Rwanda?

About the size of Maryland at 26,300 square kilometers.

What is the size square miles of Massachusetts?

The last answer on here was 800,000... which is INCORRECT. That's about the size of Greenland! The size of Massachusetts is 10555 square miles.

How does Massachusetts rank in size among the states?

Massachusetts ranks 44th by size among the 50 US states.

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What is the largest county in Massachusetts?

The largest county by size in Massachusetts is the county of Worchester.

What Massachusetts' size in miles?

Massachusetts' area is 10,554 square miles.

What is Massachusetts rank in size?


What is Massachusetts size in ranking?


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What is the largest county in massachusetts by land size?

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What countries border Rwanda?

Rwanda is bordered by: Uganda (north of Rwanda) Tanzania (east of Rwanda) Burundi (south of Rwanda) Democratic Republic of Congo (west of Rwanda)

How do you write Rwanda in some of the languages of Rwanda?

Rwanda speaks 4 official languages:Republic of Rwanda (English)Repubulika y'u Rwanda (Kinyarwanda)République du Rwanda (French)Jamhuri ya Rwanda (Swahili)

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What is the first site of civilization that is the size of Massachusetts?


What is Massachusetts size in square mile?

27,336 km2

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