What is the smallest country in South America?

The smallest state in South America is French Guiana, which is part of France.

The smallest independent country in South America is Suriname on the northeast coast of the continent. It was formerly Dutch Guiana.

The island country of Trinidad and Tobago, off the coast of Venezuela, would be much smaller but is generally considered part of the Caribbean. There also Dutch islands off the northern coast of South America, and the Falkland islands (UK claimed) off the southern coast of Argentina.


Suriname is between Guyana and French Guiana (an overseas region of France). In the 1600's the English and Dutch explored the area and established the first town called Marshall's Creek. The Dutch signed a treaty with the English and assumed control of Suriname in the mid 1600s. It has a land area covering only 163,270 km2 (63,039 mi2).

It's probably french guiana located next to suriname.