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It is the simplest method used to create thin films from solution using centrifugal force. By drop small amount of polymer solution (or chemical solution) onto spinning head (mold or surface), then spin the solution (rpm for few seconds or minutes), the centrifugal force (force used for rotating around the motor) will provide enough force to spread the solution droplet into thin film layers spreading out on top of the surface (mold).

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Bronze casting is a replacement method What does the bronze replace?

it replaces the wax used in casting.

What is gravity die casting?

It is process of making Alu. zinc component die. and material flows in die by Gravity force only no external pressure applied as Pressure Die Casting. Gravity casting is the liquid metal in the Earth's gravity into the casting process, also known as gravity pouring casting. The generalized gravity casting include sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, clay mold casting; narrow-defined gravity casting refers to the metal casting. uses the force of gravity, to fill a permanent mold, or die, with molten material. It does not use the high-pressure method to form the casting. It will ensure that there will not be any clusters formed during this gravity casting process. The method has advantages like cost effective, good quality, and process control over other casting techniques.

What is the definition of sanitizing?

Cleaning with a solution or method that will kill bacteria.Cleaning with a solution or method that will kill bacteria.

How do you cast fine detail brass?

Probably by using the investment casting method.

How do you know the water solution contain salt?

A simple method is to taste the solution; a scientific method is the chemical analysis.

What are the methods of preparing aromatic water?

there are three methods for preparing aromatic water 1.solution method 2.distillation method 3.Alternate solution method

Disadvantages of centrifugal casting?

It's not possible to cast all shapes true this method. only symmetric or cylindrical parts are suitable for this method.

Method for finding solution to problems?

Experiments are a method for finding solutions to problems.

What is gravimetric method?

gravimetric method is determination of weight of elements in the solution by precipitation.

What is type conversion?

Type conversion or type casting is the method of changing the entity of datatype to another.

By which method do we get a pure soid from a solution?

We can get a pure solid from a liquid by freezing the solution.

How do you find a solution for a linear equation?

Solution can be found by using three methods: 1. Cross Multiplication Method 2. Substitution Method 3. Elimination Method Other Method can also be there but I don't know You can further get info about these method by searching these on Google Search.

What name is given to this method of recovering solids from a solution?

The method of recovering solids from a solution is called precipitation. The solid substance that is separated is called the precipitate.

Molecular formula for hypo solution?

Molecular formula of Hypo solution. & laboratory prepration method of the hypo solution?

What is the meaning or definition of word method in scientific method?

it always leads to the solution of the problem.

What is the method of obtaining pure liquid from a solution?

ONE method may be distillation.

What is the method by we can separate potassium chloride from potassium chloride solution?

Evaporate the water from the solution.

What is the difference between gravity die casting and die casting?

Die casting is done by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold. Gravity die casting is a simpler method in which molten metal is poured into the mold rather than using force and high pressure. Gravity die casting is mostly used for only simple shapes, while die casting can be used for much more complex ones.

What are the differences between numerical solution method and analytical solution?

Analytical solution is exact, while a numeric solution is almost always approximate

What is a method of distinguishing between salt and sugar without tasting?

A straightforward method is to prepare a water solution of each one and determine whether the solution will readily conduct electricity; only the salt solution will.

How method of separating water and calcium carbonate?

Evaporate the water from the solution.

How can you separate a solution of sand and sawdust?

A solution of sand and saw dust can be separated by filtraton method.

How do you prepare pH indicator solution of bromophenol blue?

whats the method for preparation of PH solution?

Which method is used to separate parts of a solution when the entire solution can press through a filter?


Which method is used to separate parts of a solution when the entire solution can pass through a filter?