What is the solution casting method?

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It is the simplest method used to create thin films from solution using centrifugal force. By drop small amount of polymer solution (or chemical solution) onto spinning head (mold or surface), then spin the solution (rpm for few seconds or minutes), the centrifugal force (force used for rotating around the motor) will provide enough force to spread the solution droplet into thin film layers spreading out on top of the surface (mold).
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Method for the preparation of 1 normal solution of hydrochloric acid?

dilute 85ml of HCL to 1000ml. This answer does not state which is the original concentration of the 85ml of HCL mentioned.. The question should state what does the operator have initially (for example "I have HCl 87.5% (v/v; 7+1) solution and I want to get 1N solution of HCl, what should I do?"

What is a cast?

Cast: Used to immobilise broken bones OR The first step in making a mold for dentures etc or The group of people called actors in plays, TV shows movies and so on defenition:a slight hint or trace of some color

What is a caste?

Hinduism developed out beliefs of Aryans in Ancient India and many other countries. Part of that belief system says that all things have a place in nature's order. An age-old Indian social structure has its roots in that idea. According to the Aryans, it was the law of nature that people belonged to ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of casting over other metal working methods?

Advantages of the casting process . A casting may be defined as a " metal object obtained by allowing molten metal to solidify in a mold ", the shape of the object being determined by the shape of the mold cavity.. Certain advantages are inherent in the metal casting process. These often fo ( Full Answer )

Method for to prepare bromothymol blue solution indicator?

Bromothymol Blue (BTB) Bromothymol blue is an indicator, a substance that changes color as the pH of a solution changes. Bromothymol blue is yellow in acidic solutions and blue in basic solutions. . BTB can be prepared by mixing 0.1 g (a pinch) of bromothymol blue powder in 10 mL of a 4% solutio ( Full Answer )

The method of separating the parts of a liquid solution is called?

This is good for separating a liquid from a solution. For example, water can be separated from salty water by simple distillation. This method works because the water evaporates from the solution, but is then cooled and condensed into a separate container. The salt does not evaporate and so it sta ( Full Answer )

What is a method?

A 'method' usually refers to a step by step process used to achieve a desired goal. A method can be either a physical or a mental process: physical as in making toast or starting a car, and mental as in making decisions, finding the answers to questions, and solving problems. An effective method is ( Full Answer )

List two methods of finding the pH of a solution?

Sorry, but there is only one solution. However, there are two ways to make these solutions. First you find the pH of either using litmus paper taht either turns red or blue indicating an acid or a base. Secondly, you can make your own natural pH indicator using red cabbage or blueberry.. Bowler225 ( Full Answer )

How thin films deposited using solution casting method?

In a nutshell, the process of producing thin films or membranes involves the following steps: a polymer solution or melt is forced through a die/coating machine onto a backing or inert support, such as a sheet of nylon or even cellulosic paper. The newly deposited film on its backing is then fed, ( Full Answer )

How do you cast on?

I hunted around and found you a set of complete instructions with pictures. See the link.

What are the methods in separating the components of solution?

Current Edited Answer:. Using the methods available to separate mixtures that are applicable to what solutions you want to separate.. Example: Filtration, Evaporation, Distillation.. Same as a mixture because a solution is a type of mixture.

What is casting?

Casting is a process of pouring molten metal into a mold to form apart. After removing from the mold, the part may be machined andheat treated for use. The part is referred to as a casting. Themetal is usually more porous than other types of metals. A Forging is a part made by hammering steel into a ( Full Answer )

General method for preparation of 1normal solution?

1. Weigh the adequate quantity of the necessary substance (observe the indications: calcination, drying, etc.) . 2. Put this substance in a 1 L volumetric flask. 3. Add slowly approx. 200 mL distilled water and stir. 4. Put the flask in a thermostat at 20 0 C and maintain for 1 hour. 5. Add ( Full Answer )

How do you get a cast?

You get a felt thing on the place of the cast, then the plaster and it hardens over it i think.

How do the methods of speeding the rate of solution for dissolving a solid in a liquid compare to the methods of speeding the rate of solution when dissolving a gas in a liquid?

Heat (in most cases) has an opposite effect on the solubility of solids as compared to gases. Almost all solids will dissolve faster in a liquid at higher temperatures, whereas gases will dissolve in a liquid faster at lower temperatures (as long as the temperature is not so low that the liquid in q ( Full Answer )

What are the methods of inducing crystal formation from solution?

The first thing is by "scratching" or rubbing the flask with a glass rod or metal spatula. A second tactic is the use of seed crystals. Taking just a few crystals from the previous crop and putting them in your solution will promote the growth of more crystals. Often, it is enough to just stir the s ( Full Answer )

What are solute?

Well I know what it means in Science. Solute is like when it is dissolved in a solution that changes its state.

What is drop casting method?

Make a bubble of liquid on top of a surface then either . Spin the chip on a spinner, or . Wait 30 seconds and rinse with clean solvent, or . Wait until on all solvent evaporates (this will leave drying spots, non-uniform coverage) In chemistry, the dropcast method is commonly understood ( Full Answer )

Which method can be used to find the solution of linear simultaneous equations?

We have three methods. 1) Cramer's rule method (Or) Determinant method 2) Rank method 3) Matrix Inversion method. see the text book of 12th standard mathematics in tamilnadu text book corporation. My own question: For just 2 unknowns, do any of the above include the "ordinary" way in whic ( Full Answer )

What are the mathematical methods of expressing the concentrations of solutions?

Solution Definitions The most useful type of mixture for a beginning chemistry student is one in which a relatively small amount of one substance is blended with (dissolved in) a relatively larger amount of liquid, often water, to form a homogeneous mixture. These mixtures are the typical solutions ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the graphical and numerical methods of finding the solution of an equation?

The graphical method is often approximate but can be applied to any function. If done on a computer, the region surrounding the solution can be enlarged to obtain more accurate estimates. A numerical method will give an exact result is an analytical solution is possible. If not, the solution will d ( Full Answer )

What method is used to separate a solid from a solution?

Evaporation of the solvent, or thing doing the dissolving, is most often the best method. That or super-heating the solution until it becomes over saturated, and the solid begins to settle at the bottom.

What kind of casting method is resin casting?

Resin casting is done by use of a mold and a mixture made with a form of liquid synthetic resin. It is then poured or injected into the mold and left to sit until hardened.

What is Boxing method in constructing cast?

The boxing method in constructing a cast involves pouring a gypsum into a mold, which creates an impression. The boxing method is used by dentists throughout the world.

What method is used to separate parts of a solution when the entire solution can pass through a filter?

There are a number of different ways to separate the parts of a mixture of liquids. Since the liquids in question usually have different boiling points, they can be separated by means of distillation. If they have significantly different densities, it may be possible to separate them be means of a c ( Full Answer )

What is the cast?

Cast can mean a few different things. Cast can be throwing afishing line out into the water, cast can also mean the charactersof a movie.

What is caste?

Each of the hereditary classes in Hindu society distinguished by degrees of ritual purity and of social status