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Try this new thing called a Nose Huggie. You place it on your nose and it will pierce the sides of your nose to make your nose smaller. It totally works! I saw results in about 2 weeks after wearing it each night. (I've had to breathe out of my mouth all night, and sleep on my back, but it's been totally worth it!). I think you can find it on eBay. Hope this helps.

AnswerThe best thing to do is wait. Odds are your face will catch up. AnswerYes, wait. Your face's proportions are still changing. There are things you can do, however, to make your nose appear smaller. Number one, check your haircut. You want one that draws attention to features that you like, like your eyes. Be especially careful about cuts with blunt bangs--these cover your forehead, which naturally draws attention down toward your nose. You can also use makeup. Take a shade of foundation that is a a little lighter than your skintone, and brush it down the center (the bony/cartiledge-y part) of your nose. Then take a foundation that is a shake darker and sweep it in a downward motion down the side of your nose toward your cheeks. Then blend well. Your nose will look a little thinner. Also, use makeup to accentuate your favorite features. AnswerWait until you are about 21. Your face will have settled down then after growing. If you still think your nose is too big you can have cosmetic surgery (Rhinoplasty). AnswerGood advice regarding waiting and haircut, also good about make-up but, at 13, be careful with make-up because you stil want to look natural. Please also remember that, at 13, young women sometimes become overly critical of themselves and how they look. Your looks may not have changed that much, but your perception of how you look may have. (Even 21 is pretty young for cosmetic surgery and it has been proven that rhinoplasty is a procedure that has one of the highest percentages of 'mistakes".) Enjoy being goes by so fast!
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