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This is a difficult situation for Pakistan and there are no ready answers since basically it is schizophrenic in address.

The large majority of the Islamic world assumes that the War on Terror (WoT) is actually a War on Islam. To be fair, some actions do smack of such an indication. To wit, the doing down, in all ways, the elected Hamas government in Palestine (reprehensible that it be), when it conformed to the much touted bringing "Freedom and Democracy" to the Arab world. To the uncomplicated mind that is beyond the real politik realm, it is gross injustice. There are many other examples that too smack of double standards and hardly compatible to the high ideals of the slogan of bringing "Freedom and Democracy". Thus, the doubt in the Islamic mind, is understandable. Hence, the Islamic mind remains alienated to the WoT.

On the other hand, governments, Islamic or otherwise, cannot function in an anarchist environment. The same is true for Pakistan.

Therefore, the schizophrenic approach where the population desires Islamic solidarity and the government wants law and order.

That not being enough, Pakistan was about to be declared a 'rogue state' because it allowed the exporting of terrorism from its Madrassas and at the same time, the economy had reached rock bottom and was about to become a 'failed state'.

Therefore, the Pakistani government had no option but to join hands with the only superpower of the world, to obtain acceptance into the world community as also be salvaged by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This has paid result wherein Pakistan's economy has been turned around as also its military revamped.

However, since the economic boom has not affected the common man in the rural areas, the importance is not fathomed by those in the villages where the majority reside and who are still in the grip of the Mullahs and steeped in antediluvian ideas. It must not be forgotten that they are the real Pakistan and are the willing recruits for terrorist activities, given respectability by the warped interpretations of the Mullahs of Islam. Indeed, little to the general public realise that the Mullah has no sanctity in Islam, since it is an equation between the individual and Allah and not through agents! But the sad commentary is that the illiterate mind requires guidance and the Mullahs misguide in the name of guidance!

There lies the dichotomy and schizophrenia!

And yet the terrorists are not all illiterate yokels. There are many who are highly educated and skilled. These are those who feel, rightly or wrongly, a sense of injustice to Islam and hence willingly join casting all the worldly materialism. These are the ones who are the more dangerous elements.

The solution is not easy and it will be a long haul.

Instead of targeting the common foot soldier of Islamic terrorism, the intellectuals within their rank have to be eliminated. The sooner, the better. Headless, the organisation will collapse!

The foot soldiers of Islam should also be targeted, but without the ruthlessly that alienate and it should be without the international media fanfare or rushing to the media to tout the success of turning around the people. Premature ecstasy over trivial gains only hardens the mind and souls of the adversaries.

Without moralising and demeaning the Islamic customs and thus giving credence to the Islamic notion that it is a War on Islam, the attempt to modernise Islamic society should be left to the Islamic country's government by encouraging such governments to realise the benefits. It must be remembered that one is ready to listen to his own and not be hectored by foreign elements.

Foolish acts like the evangelists from South Korea in Afghanistan should be curbed forthwith. It only scares the people that there is some conspiracy afoot to subvert the people and the country. Bible thumping can wait and it is better that it be applied on the errant Christians first! Results would be better there.

Militarily, the thrust should be against the Taliban in the NWFP and adjoining areas jointly from the North West (ISAF) and Pakistan Army from the South East. Disjointed and individual action only allows the Taliban to move around like a video game.

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Why has Pakistan supported the Taliban?

Pakistan has not supported the taliban. it is completely against it just like the rest of the world

What percent of Pakistan does the Taliban control and how will that change with the February 16 truce with Pakistan?

The area around the Pakistan Afganistan border is one affected by the Taliban, but the Taliban does not actually control any part of Pakistan. Pakistan has complete control over it's country, but it is fighting against the Taliban who are trying to gain control.

Is Pakistan government abdicating to Taliban?


Which country is associated with the taliban?

Afghanistan and Pakistan

Which country is associated with taliban?

Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Why did the taliban start?

The Taliban started in 1994 when Pakistan gave them the Pakistan government. From there, they got out of hand and was eventually taken out of power when Pakistan decided to have a voting system and scheduled voting in Spring '05.

Which area in Pakistan did the taliban take control of in 2007?

in 2007 the taliban took control of the swrat district

What has the author A Manzar written?

A. Manzar has written: 'Taliban in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Insurgency, Military policy, Taliban, Social conditions, Terrorism 'Taliban in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Insurgency, Military policy, Taliban, Social conditions, Terrorism

Who are the taliban-?

The Taliban is a political group in the Middle East that is known for their extreme violence. In the past they have ruled in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Are troubles with the Taliban the first troubles faced by Afghanistan?

No, Afghanistan has had problems as long ago as the Mongol Invasion by Genghis Khan and as recently as the Russian Invasion.

What languages are spoken by the Taliban?

The Taliban do not all speak the same language, but the predominant language that they use is PASHTO, since this is the dominant language in southeast Afghanistan and the bordering regions of Pakistan. However, since the Taliban operated all over Afghanistan, there are substantial minorities of Taliban who speak DARI, TAJIK, UZBEK, and (in Pakistan) URDU.

Is Pakistan a country of just taliban?

Pakistan is a country, an Islamic republic. The Taliban is a faction of inhabitants in Pakistan that wants to bring about cultural change in accordance with its view of Islamic traditions and teachings. Overall Pakistan could best be described as multi-cultural and multi-ethnic. In terms of what the Taliban control in Pakistan, they control a region in the northwest of the country that is historically called Waziristan. The Pakistani central government controls the reast of the country.

How do you see Pakistan 5 years from now?

Fighting the Taliban for Power

What rhymes with Taliban?

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mini Van, Turban, etc

How many people died in Pakistan taliban war?

4000 approx.

Who is running Pakistan the army minesters or taliban?

Pakistan has a jumbled up system consisting of the beurueacray,government,army and a significant foreign prsence especially that of the USA.However,the Taliban don't have any part in its governance.

Is the Taliban winning the war in Afghanistan?

The War in Afghanistan has not resulted in the elimination of the Taliban and they have regrouped within Pakistan. The fact that the Taliban has successfully resisted their annihilation is a point to them, but it is a far cry from "winning". The Taliban was pushed out of power and they remain out of power.

Why do you suppose members of the taliban and al qaeda are hiding in the tribal areas of pakistan?

Because the Pakistan government are sheltering them.

Who are the taliban people from Pakistan?

The Taliban are not a 'people' in the meaning of ethnic group like e.g. the Pashtun. "Taliban" means "students" (of the Quran) and is the plural of the word 'talib', student. Taliban are fundamentalist Muslims who may come from any ethnic group in Pakistan and Afghanistan - or even from outside that area - and who decide to join that organization and pledge allegiance to its leaders.

What impact does the Pakistan Taliban have in India?

Taliban is the most powerful and dangerous terrorist group in the world. They are creating disturbance in India. They are attacking INDIA.

The taliban are becoming a threat in what country?

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Lybia

What year did the Taliban take over Kabul?

Cultivated by Pakistan, the Taliban gained control of Kabul in 1996 and controlled most of the entire country by 1998.

Why did the taliban soldiers takeover some parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Who? Pakistani Taliban or Afghanistani Taliban? Afghani Talibans are fighting to win the battle to take over (retake) power in Afghanistan, while the Pakistani Taliban wants to show solidarity to their Afghani colleagues and trying to implemet 'shariya' law in Pakistan, as well to win over hearts and minds of the Pakistani people

Who werevthe six people who killed 130 childrens or above in peshwar Pakistan tell me their names?

The six people who killed 130 children in Peshawar, Pakistan, were members of the Taliban. Their names have not yet been released to the general public. The Taliban on Pakistan are based in the Southwestern city of Quetta.

What is the Obama administration's response to the February 16 truce between Pakistan and the Taliban?

they were not supportive of that.