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"You're My Best Friend" by Queen.

And the line is "Ooh, you make me live"

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Does Cingular offer free text messaging bundles?

Yes they do. Most cell phone providers do offer some sort of bundle that will include free text messaging and Cingular is no different except that they are cheaper than most others.

What is Mobile Phone Carrier?

A mobile phone carrier is what company u have your phone plan under. It can be t-mobile, cingular, ATnT, and others.

What does it mean to exhibit something to others?

To SHOW something to others.

Who financially made a commercial airplane?

How can you financially make something and what is a commercial airplane? If you are talking about manufacturing companies, there is Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Sukhoi, Hawker Beachcraft, Cessna, Gulfstreams, and many others. They all make airplanes that are used for commercial purposes and do create financial profit if this answers your question...

What cell phone carriers use sim cards?

AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular Wireless) Centennial wireless T-Mobile Any others? Feel free to add it!

Who portrays Bob in Xarelto commercial?

Robby Rasmussen plays the part of Bob in the Xarelto commercial. This is not his first commercial appearance as he has been in several others.

What is the meaning of giving value to others?

giving value is give some respect to others something based something event or something case about good or bad it something.

To exhibit something to others?

its called showing others =.= =.=

Why is it important that you are accountable to others?

Accountability is something that can be great. If you are accountable to others not only can you help them with something but also they could help hold you to something too.

What is commercial truck trader?

Commercial truck trader is kind of like a "super shopper" for commercial vehicles where you can buy and sell trucks with others. Check out the site it has a great deal of info!

Which is the most successful commercial mortgage calculator?

There is no single most successful commercial mortgage calculator. KISfinance and others provide simple commercial mortgage calculators, but require calling a representative to get the best interest rates for a commercial mortgage.

Who is in the British Columbia commercial?

Micahel J. Fox Eric MaCormack Martina McBride Steve Nash Can't think of the others in the commercial. Please help.

Who is the actress in the newest u-verse commercial?

It might help if you described the commercial. "New" commercials don't stay new for long and others come out.

Did sybil ludington invent something to teach others?

No she did not invent something that help people.

Who is the new swiffer girl wearing a yellow top in the new commercial?

On the new commercial (2010) it is Erin Cardillo. She used to play Esme on Passions amongst others.

The actress in that oceans 11 Opel ASTRA commercial who is she?

Kristen Carpenter, She was also in that office max life is beautiful commercial and I think quite a few others. I love her!!

What are the disadvantages of using commercial bases for stock?

Commercial stock bases have much higher levels of sodium and preservatives. Also when using a commercial base there isn't as much depth to the flavor of the stock and the others items it is used to prepare.

What is the meaning of comedy?

To do something to make others laugh

When that communication takes place?

it is when you have to say something to others :)

Altruism is when someone?

does something for the well-being of others.

To have exhibited something to others in the past?

opposite of new

What is commercial journalism?

Commercial journalism is the investigative approach to organizational storytelling. It is asking organizational personal what they do and how they do it. It is interviewing with the 5w's and presenting the material in formats that help to inform others about the organization.

What are some commercial sewing machines?

Some of the more popular brands of commercial sewing machines include Brother, Kenmore, Consew, Juki, Mauser and Tacsew. Commercial machines differ from others becuase they can handle different types of materials.

What is the name of the airport in Wisconsin?

Mitchel International field There are 8 commercial airports in Wisconsin and 125 others.

What are the Agriculture products of South Africa?

agriculture products for south Africa is commercial farming fish and others