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They make a small whistle like neigh

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What is the sound an horse maakes called?

A horse makes a nay sound.

What does sound mean in horse?

"Sound" means the horse is not limping. "Unsound" is the opposite. Other words for sound are "off" and "lame".

What sound does a horse make?

A neigh.The sound of a horse is neigh, pronounced: nay.

What is the sound of hourse?

A horse makes a neigh sound

What is the different of a donkey and a horse?

a donkey makes an 'eyore' sound and the horse makes an 'neigh' sound. The donkey tends to be maller than the horse and is more fluffier and was discovered after the horse was.

Name the sound that the horse makes?

A horse neighs or whinnys

The sound of a horse?


How do you get your horse sound?

Train it.

What is a sound of a horse?


What the sound of horse?

a neigh

What is the correct spelling for a horse sound in English?

A correct way to spell the sound a horse makes could be "neigh".

What is the sound of reindeer?

they make the same sound as a deer or horse

What do you call the sound that a horse makes?

It is referred to as a "neigh" sound.

What animals make a whinny sound?

A horse makes a whinny sound.

What animal makes a neighs sound?

Horse makes neigh sound.

What is a horse sound?

a neigh of a whenny

Sound of a horse is called?


Spell the sound of a horse?


What is the sound produced by a horse?


What sound that the horse make?

Relinchh !

What sound horse?

niegh or whinnie

What name of horse sound?


Does horse have a long or short vowel sound?

The OR in horse has a caret O sound (long O + R). The E is silent. *In British English the OR has the AW sound rather than a long O (ore) sound.

What sound does a horse make in tagalog?

Horses do not speak Tagalog or any other Philippine dialect. They speak horse and sound the same as always.

What does it mean when people say a horse is sound?

It means that there is nothing wrong with the horse's hooves. A horse is not sound if it has thrush, wind puffs, etc.

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