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Electrons are used as an exchange currency during photosynthesis. The energy that provides the boost for these electrons comes from the electron transport chain.

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What is the source of energy that provides a boost for electrons during photosynthesis?


During photosynthesis visible light has enough energy to?

Excite electrons

Why do high-energy electrons need carrier molecules?

The energy in light raises some of the electrons in chlorophyll to higher energy levels. These high-energy electrons are used in photosynthesis. Electron carriers are used to transport the electrons from chlorophyll to other molecules during photosynthesis.

Which molecule acts as a carrier for high energy electrons during photosynthesis?


List three things that plant needs for photosynthesis?

For photosynthesis, plants need water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight (or photons). The water provides electrons, the sunlight provides the energy, and CO2 provides a carbon source.

What is the sugar created during photosynthesis that provides chemical energy released during cellular respiration?


What is the difference between electron transport in photosynthesis and respiration?

In photosynthesis, light provides the energy to push electrons to the top of the electron chain, rather than energy from the oxidation of food molecules.

What is phosphorylating?

It is the process which is an integral part of photosynthesis during which ADP gets converted into ATP with the aid of energy from electrons released during photolysis of water in photosynthesis.

Why is sun light needed during photosythnis?

The light from the sun provides the energy source that is required to initiate photosynthesis. Light is made up of photons which are "packets" of energy, and the energy from these packets excite the electrons on the plant's pigments. There are special proteins in the chloroplasts that utilize this energy and end up storing the energy in glucose (the main product of photosynthesis).

What provides activation energy in photosynthesis?

Light Energy

What is the importance of emission of electrons from chlorophyll during photosynthesis in plants?

they are carrying energy. that is why itis important.

What provides the energy for the chemical reaction in photosynthesis to occur?

The sunlight provides the energy needed to initiate the light reactions of photosynthesis. This light energy will be converted into chemical energy.

What provides the energy to run photosynthesis?

Light falling on the plant provides the energy to facilitate Photosynthesis. In nature that light light comes from the Sun.

What provides the energy in the process of photosynthesis?

The sun

Which energy conversion occurs during photosynthesis?

During photosynthesis,light energy is converted to chemical energy.

Which does the electrons transport chain do during cellular raspiration?

It provides energy that powers the formation of ATP

Electron carrier that provides the high energy electrons needed to make carbon-hydrogen bonds in the third stage of photosynthesis?


What best represents the progression of energy transformations that occur during photosynthesis?

solar energy → potential energy stored in electrons and ATP → chemical energy stored in sugars

Is photosynthesis an organism?

Photosynthesis is not a organism. It is a process on plants. It provides energy for us.

What traps light energy during photosynthesis?

the chloroplasts retrieve the energy from the sun during photosynthesis.

What energy carrier is made during photosynthesis?

The energy carrier made during photosynthesis is NADPH.

What provides energy for grass?

Grass takes energy from the sun through photosynthesis. Therefore, the sun provides energy for grass.

Why is photosynthesis sunlight so important to photosynthesis?

photosynthesis is when plants make food.Sunlight provides the energy for the photosynthesis. It is an essential factor. This energy is stored in glucose

Which energy conversion occurs during the process of photosynthesis?

During the process of photosynthesis the light energy is transformed in chemical energy.

Explain what happens to radiat energy during photosynthesis?

During photosynthesis, radiant energy is absorbed and converted into chemical energy.

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