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California, New Mexico and Arizona have ski resorts. On the east coast, there are resorts in North and South Carolina. The southernmost state with good ski resorts is Colorado in the West, Vermont in the East.


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There is no state in the US that is both the westernmost and the southernmost. Texas is the southernmost and California is the westernmost.

Hawaii is the southernmost state in all of the United States. However, Florida is the southernmost state on the continental US.

Hawaii is the southernmost state of the USA.

Florida: The Florida Keys is the most southern point in the United States.

Hawaii is the southernmost state in the United States. Florida is the most southern of the contiguous or lower 48 states.

FloridaHawaiiHawaiiHawaii is the southernmost of all 50 statesFlorida is the southernmost of the 48 contiguous statesFlorida: The Florida Keys is the most southern point in the United States.

Hawaii. it is one of the most beautiful islands, the answer is Hawaii.i think it is alaska.The southernmost point of the 50 US States is Ka Lae Hawaii.Hawaii is the southernmost US state

The island of Tasmania is Australia's most southern state. It lies across Bass Strait, south of Victoria, which is the southernmost mainland state.

hawaii Ka Lea,Hawaii also known as South Point, is the southernmost point on the big island of Hawaii. It is the southernmost point of the 50 United States.

Because in winter the sun is further away from the earth and as Antarctica is the most southernmost area of the planet the sun is further away than anywhere else causeing it to be dark

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, the southern most state and a state not part of the contiguous United States.

Austin, Texas is the southernmost state capital in the Continental US by a small margin compared to Tallahassee, Florida.

The largest population of Canada is the southernmost part, near the Canadian American border. the further north you go, the less vegetation, and the colder it gets. In southern Canada, you get 4 seasons, but the further north, it is winter. Every day is winter.

I guess you really mean what is the southernmost state of Mexico. That would be Chiapas, bordering Guatemala.

Alaska is the northernmost , easternmost, and westernmost state. Hawaii is the southernmost

No state gets the most. In tornado alley, they get frequent hail storms in the winter.

Idaho is the most known of them, but most every state does

The answer is Greece, whether you are talking about the southernmost point on mainland, or the southernmost island (Crete)

The southernmost city and the southernmost large city in the US is Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chiapas (capital: Tuxtla Gutierrez) qualifies as such. It borders Guatemala to the east and has shores along the Pacific Ocean.

Norway has the most overall out of every winter Olympic games.Though the United States of America has the most medals in the winter Olympic games in Vancouver.

The southern most colony was Georgia.

New Hampshire is the northernmost of the original 13 states. Georgia was the southernmost of the original 13 states.

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