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What is the spark plug gap for a 350 Chevy motor using ac delco cr43ts plugs?


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.045 " is the correct gap.

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I have a 1996 Chevy astro w/ 4.3 L vortec... these plugs fit that motor.

0.035 inches for CR43TS or R43TS AC Delco spark plugs

6 AC Delco 41-940 for the 3400 & 6 AC Delco 41-921 for the 3800.....

For AC Delco spark plugs part number FR5LS or equivalent, the correct gap is .035 (GM Specifications). If using AC Delco RapidFire #5 plugs, the gap is .045 (can be used for: FR3LS, FR3LS6, FR2LS, 41-603, FR3LSJ, FR4LSJ, and FR5LS)

From what I've been told from my AC DELCO REP they are NGK plugs

ac delco copper Use the factory recommended plugs. AC delco 41906.

I recommend you use AC/Delco. They are excellent plugs and are OEM. Any auto parts store can tell you which A/C Delco plugs to install.

check with your parts house to get the gap for your particular application.

Pull the motor or pull the transmission, one of them has to come out.

The original A/C Delco plugs are hard to beat. Just get the right heat range for your application.

The manufacturer recomends A/C Delco in GM vehicles and Champion in Chrysler products and Autolite in Ford products

When you buy your AC-Delco recommended spark plugs, the person who identified the spark plugs for you at the parts shop can find the gap on the computer he used to identify, and gap them for you. Most cases, the spark plug is already gaped because it is matched with the car, especially if you buy AC-Delco Plugs as the manufacturer suggests.

All plugs are, But you should check them yourself again.

It could have, Just count the spark plugs. 4 plugs= 4 cylinder 6 plugs= 6 cylinder 8 plugs= 8 cylinder

the proper gap size for all vin. #'s of 2003 Chevy and gmc suburbans is 0.060 as per the Chevy owners manual. I have a 2003 Chevy suburban and I am replacing my plugs tomorrow, good day kind friend. Danny Romero Louisiana

A/C Delco #41-103, these will idle better than other brands. Also good, NGK, or Denso, stay away from Bosch, and any platinum plugs.

You may have the plugs wires installed incorrectly. You also may have the plugs gapped wrong. Here is the correct wiring order. Copy & paste into your browser. also after market spark plugs are NOT the same as factory spark plugs. always go with the brand that the factory installed for the best street performance and to avoid unwanted headaches, for instance my truck came with ac delco cr43ts , i installed autolite 25 that was given by the parts store. the truck absolutely refused to run right from the moment i started it after installing the new plugs. it was missing on nearly every cylinder. i returned the plugs and got the factory cr43ts plug, installed them, purred like a kitten. THE POINT IS , ITS NOT ALWAYS YOUR FAULT.

It can be hard to locate all of the little parts of a vehicle. The freeze plugs of a 1995 Chevy are located within the rear of the motor to the car.Ê

There are three of them behind the motor and sum on both sides of the motor in front of the motor.

I would recommend the OEM spark plugs, AC/Delco. Excellent plugs.

I suggest you install OEM AC/Delco plugs.

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