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This is listed in the owners manual and on a placard under the hood. Also any auto parts store can provide this info.

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Q: What is the spark plug gap for a 98 Ford Contour 4-cylinder?
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What is the spark plug gap for a 1996 Ford Contour?


Why would there be oil in with your spark plug in your Ford Contour 97?

might have Ring damage.

How do you replace an O2 sensor on 1996 ford contour?

It unscrews just like a spark plug.

What are spark plugs gaped to on 95 ford contour?

On a 1995 Ford Contour : According to one of Ford's websites : The spark plugs on the 2.0 liter four cylinder are gapped at ( .050 inch ) For the 2.5 liter V6 ( .054 inch spark plug gap )

Why is there 8 spark plugs on a 4cylinder 99 ford ranger?

That's Fords twin plug ignition system to help reduce emissions

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1995 ford contour 6 cylinder?

According to one of Fords websites : For a 1995 Ford Contour , 2.5 litre V6 engine : ( the spark plugsare gapped at.054 inch )

Where is the O2 sensor on a 1996 Ford Contour?

on the front of the engine. it has a white wire on it and it screws in and out like a spark plug

Where is the Camshaft positioning sensor located on a 1999 ford contour?

near the #4 spark plug. 2.0L Engine

What is the spark plug gap on a 99 ford contour?

According to the owners manual found at, it is 1.3mm.

Ford Contour spark plug gap?

Check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information ( VECI ) decal located in the front of the engine compartment ( it will show the type of spark plugs to use and the spark plug gap )

There is oil on the spark plug socket when you pulled one from your 1999 ford contour?

could be valve cover casket leaking

What is the spark plug gap for an 1994 eagle talon DL 1.8 liter 4cylinder?


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