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Plug Manufacturer TC88/95 Engine Plug Gap .040" H-D Standard 6R12 H-D Gold 6R12G H-D Platinum 6R12PP Champion RA8HC Autolite 4164 Autolite Platinum AP4164DP2 ACCEL 2418
Y2418P Splitfire SF416D Screamin Eagle EX12S
EX12P ACDelco NGK DCPR7E Bosch Denso Iridium IXU22

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What is spark plug gap for Audi A3 1600 cc?


What is spark plug gap for 1982 FLH 1340 cc electronic ign?

What is the spark plug for a 1982 Shovle head

What is the spark plug gap for 49.5cc scooter?

The spark plug gap on a 49.5 CC scooter will be set at 0.24 inches. Spark plugs may be purchased at an auto parts store.

What is the gap on a 110 cc 4 stroke engine?

the gap on a spark plug for a 110 should be 024-.028.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1500 cc 1997 Vulcan Classic?


Club car 351 cc engine spark plug gap?

Optimum plug gap for Club Car gasoline engine is .28". Go no wider than .30".

What you the correct spark plug gap for a cub cadet cc 2025 weed eater?

.025 in. .655 mm

Plug gap for a Honda recon 250 cc ATV?

the plug gap for a 250 cc Honda recon should be between 3.0 and 4.0 the plug gap for a 250 cc Honda recon should be between 3.0 and 4.0

What is the spark plug gap for a 2000 volgswagen golf?

2000 Volkswagen GolfEngines : 1.8 L 1781 CC L4 DOHC 20 ValveComments: @Gap .040"@;Engines : 2.0 L 1984 CC L4 SOHCComments: @Gap .040"@; Spark Plug - Copper CoreProduct Line: Autolite Spark PlugsPart Number:ASP AR3923Price:PriceUnit::2.79Eachat napa auto parts

Spark plug gap Pontiac g6 2006?

2006 Pontiac G6Engines : 2.4 L 2384 CC L4 DOHC 16V ECOTECComments: @Gap .040"@

Spark plug for ktm 105 cc 2007?


What is the spark plug gap for a 1600 cc 1993 Nissan Sunny?

Try looking on NGK's website (, this advised 0.9mm for my '95 1400 Sunny

What engine size uses 2 pin spark plug?

160 cc

What is the spark plug gap for a 1996 suzuki king quad 280 cc ATV?

I am not 100% certain, and I am no mechanic; However, I have always used 0.028" on my 1996 Suzuki King Quads with no problems.

What Champion plug fits a 1987 Honda 1200 cc interstate?

in the late 80's through mid 90's a champion spark plug was original equipment from the factory. The under hood sticker will give the correct spark plug and gap as well as valve clearance for in&ex

What type of spark plug does a Bolens BL 150 31 cc use?

it uses a RDJ7Y

What are the specs for points and plugs gap on a 1975 Harley sportster 1000 cc?


What is the spark plug gap for an 89 Yamaha virago 1110 CC?

As far as I know, there was no Virago 1110; I suppose you're referring to the Virago XV1100. I don't have it's factory manual, but the Clymer service manual covers it, and according to that the spark gap should be 0.7-0.8 mm, as with most of these bikes. Actually, the required plugs (NGK BP7ES or BPR7ES, depending on who do you trust - the difference is an incorporated series resistor in the "R" plug) seem to come factory-set to that gap, but it never hurts to check, I guess...

Which one is better suzuki thunder 125 or kawasaki rouser 135?

kawasaki rouser, its a 135 cc 4 valve digital spark plugs machine against a 125 cc 2 valve single spark plug engine

Where is the spark plug located on toro snowblower powerlite 98 cc 16?

Remove the two screws that attach the panel that the key is located on. The plug will be in the upper lh corner.

How many spark plugs does a 2002 suzuki gsxr 750 have?

Personally, If you do not know how many spark plugs your motorcycle uses, you probably don't need to be riding it. My feelings aside, the Suzuki GSX-R 750(as well as all models in the GSX-R family, the Yamaha R1, R6, the Honda CBR family, and the kawasaki zx/zzr family) are Inline 4 -cylinder engines(I-4). As with any engine, you need one spark plug per cylinder. Since you have an I-4, you would need 4 spark plugs. If you have a V-twin or a parallel twin, you need 2 spark plugs. If you have a single cylinder engine(scooters, most dirtbikes or any other very small cc engine), you only need one cylinder. You will also need to make sure you buy the proper spark plug, and GAP THE SPARK PLUG TO THE CORRECT GAP!!!! I do not know the gap off the top of my head, but you should be able to find it in your owners manual, or do some searching online.

What model spark plug for a craftsman chainsaw?

My 16" Craftsman 36 cc chainsaw manual calls out for a Champion RCJ7Y....if that is the same size chainsaw as yours, I would go with that plug.

What is the champion spark plug number for Briggs and stratton 342cc engine?

If you have a different brand spark plug, Champion will have a cross reference. You just need the number from the plug. If you do not have that, you will need the model number from the engine. Briggs and Stratton built a LOT of engines with customizations that may use several different spark plugs. 342 cc is simply not enough information.

I don't get spark anymore I cleaned the mag and flywheel what is the wiring of a 49 cc mag on a mini chopper and where are the points Behind the flywheel?

u can try cleening the spark plug. or if your too lazy to do that get a new one

How many horse power in a Briggs and Stratton 1450 305 cc engine?

14 hp