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Answer for anyone looking is the fact that the cardiac muscle never stops, it cannot, otherwise you would die.

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I agree -็ฅžๅฝฑๆ˜Ÿๆœˆ31L

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What special muscle fibers are found in the heart?

the cardiac muscle

Why is cardiac muscle called cardiac muscle?

Cardiac means "of or relating to the heart". Cardiac muscle has that name because it is the specific kind of muscle found only in the heart. It is a very special kind of muscle, very efficient and different from other muscles.

What type of muscle is the heart made off?

the heart is made out of a special type of muscle called cardiac muscle

Why is cardiac muscle special?

CARDIAC MUSCLE IS IM PORTANT BECAUSE it is called as a heart musscle.Heart is very important.

Where can cardiac muscles be found in the body?

Cardiac muscle is a special type of muscle tissue that is only found in the heart.

Does cardiac muscle have a relation to the heart?

Yes, its what most of the heart is made out of.

Does the cardiac muscle help the heart pump blood?

The cardiac muscle is the muscle in the heart that pumps the blood.

What is scientific name for heart?

Thescientific term for the heart muscle is the cardiac muscle.Its called the cardiac muscle.

What type of muscle is the cardiac muscle?

cardiac muslce is cardiac muscle and is involuntary cardiac muscles are found in the heart

Is the cardiac muscle voluntary?

No because the heart is a cardiac muscle and you cant' control the heart

Where the cardiac muscle is located in the body?

The word cardiac means heart, and the heart is a muscle.

What is your cardiac muscle?

Cardiac relates to your heart, so it's basically a heart muscle

Is cardiac muscle only found in heart?

Cardiac muscle is only found in the heart.

What muscle tissue is found in the heart?

Cardiac muscle.

What are examples of cardiac muscles?

Cardiac means heart. The heart is the cardiac muscle.

What kind of muscle is the heart?

The heart is a cardiac muscle

What is a cardiac muscle?

Only found in your heart. Your heart needs a constant supply of oxygen, so cardiac muscle have lots of blood vessels. ~a cardiac muscle IS your heart... a lot of people say that the heart is not a muscle but they are WRONG!!(:

Is cardiac muscle in the brain?

The only Cardiac muscle in the body is the Heart.

What does a cardiac muscle do in your body?

Your cardiac muscle makes your heart beat.

What is the cardiac muscle also known as?

The cardiac muscle is the heart. The muscle type is smooth.

What is the type of muscle tissue in your heart?

Cardiac which is involuntary and striated muscle tissueInvoluntaryThe heart is composed of cardiac muscle tissue. This type of tissue contracts rhythmically without external stimulus. Each cell will have it's own pulse until it comes into contact with another cardiac muscle cell, then they will synchronize their movements with each other. Over all the heart automatically responds to your bodies need for increased oxygen by speeding up, then slowing back down as the need is satisfied.Cardiac muscle.Cardiac muscle tissue.cardiac muscle.The muscle in the heart is cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle is a striated involuntary muscle tissue.Cardiac muscle, which is involuntary striated muscle.Cardiac muscle is found.Cardiac Muscle is found in the heart.Cardiac muscleThat would be cardiac, its only found in your heart.I only know one, but its the septum.cardiacCardiac muscle.Its called the cardiac muscle. Or it is the involuntary muscle. the cardiac muscle which is the muscle that can play a part in cardiac arrestThe (cardiac muscle) which is the involuntary muscle which you cannot control-Deontae cHeart muscles are long, striated, involuntary and fatigueless muscles. They are known as cardiac muslces. The heart is an organ as well as a muscle.cardiac muscleThe heart is made of cardiac muscle. It is involuntary muscle. That means that a person can not make it work by thinking about it. There are two other types. One is smooth muscle, which has no visible striations and it also involuntary. This is found in arteries and the walls of the digestive, urinary, other hollow organs and respiratory tracts and the irises of the eye. The last type is voluntary muscles such as found int muscles that move your bones. The heart is a MUSCLE.

What do you call the muscle coat of the heart wall?

Cardiac muscle is the muscle of the heart. Cardiac muscle is involuntary and straited.This muscle is also known as myocardium.

The heart is made of what muscle?

The heart is a muscle so the heart is made of the cardiac muscle.

Is a cardiac muscle striated?

Cardiac muscle is striated because the only cardiac muscle in your body is your heart and your heart never stops working unless you die.

What are the functions of the Cardiac Muscle?

the cardiac muscle is your heart. you tell me. ever heard of cardiac arrest? its also called a heart attack.

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