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Western clothing.

It's like asking what's the special clothing of the US.

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What occasions require special clothing in Brazil?


What type of traditional clothes do people wear in Brazil?

colorful clothing in special occasions

What is type of clothing worn in brazil?

normal clothing

What is so special about Brazil?


What special clothing is worn on Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing worn on Hanukkah.

What clothing do they were in Brazil?

Indian style

Special Ukrainian orthodox clothing?

any special ukranian orthodox clothing

What clothing do they where on Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing for Hanukkah.

What kind of clothing does Brazil wear?


Is Brazil special?

yes, brazil is very special because of it's wonderful rainforest and beautiful landscapes

Do Irish people wear special clothing?

They don't wear any particularly special clothing.

What type of clothing there is for Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing for Hanukkah.

What is special in Brazil?

the population

What clothing do they wear in Brazil?

A jacket that says "Brasil". Bright colored clothing and boys where hats.

Is special clothing worn by some or all buddhists?

Special clothing is worn by some Buddhists. Monks and nuns wear robes. Some householders elect to wear special clothing as well.

What is special item of hades clothing?

a dress clothing and band

Is there special clothing for Hanukkah?

No, there is not.

Do you get malaria in Australia?

N because we are not a very tropical island or contry like Brazil and South America. when you go to these places you get special needles and you need to wear erogard and clothing

Why to wear clothing to ceremonies?

Because it is special. You should always wear special clothing to a funeral or any ceremony!

What are some special skills for a clothing store application?

what can i write on application for special skills to work in a clothing store

Do mothers need special clothing?

Mothers do not need special clothing unless they have a job outside the home that requires it.

What does Brazil produce with its natural resources?

coal clothing food

What clothing does Brazil have?

Billa bongs and shobby wongs xx

Do the Hopi have special clothing for special occasions or ceremonies?

the answer is kjsdgfluigj

Is there a special name for a clothing shop?

A 'Haberdashery' is a men's clothing store .

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