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What is the speed of a 92' yz 80 2 stroke?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-26 12:11:03

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Around 50 mph, probably. You don't want to wring too much speed out of those engines, especially not on a paved road, for any long period of time. They need varied throttle positions to keep the piston cool, otherwise they heat up near the exhaust port and sometimes melt. Keep that in mind.

2009-10-26 12:11:03
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Is a yz 80 a two stroke or four stroke?

2 stroke

Yz 250 top speed?

80 mph

Is a 2001 yz 80 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

IT"S 2STROKE and it needs mixed gas 32:1

Is a Yamaha YZ 250 dirt bike a two stroke?

Yes, a YZ 250 is a 2 stroke, a YZ 250F is a 4 stroke.

What is the correct fuel mixture for a 1996 yz 80?

The correct fuel to oil ratio for a 1996 Yamaha YZ 80 is 60 to 1. The bikes have a single cylinder, 2-stroke engine.

What transmission oil do you put in a 1984 yz 80cc 2 stroke?

Using the right fluid in a vehicle, will keep it working well. The 1984 YZ 80cc 2 stroke, uses 80/85W gear oil.

What is Yz 80 transmission ratios?

The other person that anwsered didnt know crap about a yz 80. all 80 have 6 gears It one gear down to get into first and then 5 gears up to make it a 6 speed. I have a yz 80 so I know unlike the other guy.

Is a yz85 a 2 stroke?

yes a yz is two stroke so any yz is 2 stroke but if it has an f on the end its a 4 stroke so a yz250 is two stroke a yz250f is 4 stroke

Top speed of a yz 80?

65-72 MPH depending on variant of the bike

What kind of transmission oil does a Yamaha yz 80 take?

Okay I found out valvolin Mortocycle oil 4 stroke works great I have an 1981 yz 80 and its been good to specifically says good for wet clutches..

Fuel mix for 1999 yz 80?

125 ml off 2 stroke per 5 liter petrol

What is faster YZ 80 or a CR80?

The YZ 80 is faster. It has a wicked power band.

How many stroke is a Yamaha yz85?

A yz 85 Stroke is 2

You want to know what year model your yz 80 dirt bike is?

yz 80 B

What is the difference in a yz 80 and a yz 85?

different cc

How fast does a big wheel Yamaha yz 80 go?

I have a yz 80 2001 small wheel and does about 75 mph

Will Yamaha yz 85 parts fit a Yamaha yz 80?

so of them will

What one is faster a 2004 drz 125 or yz 80 1993?


Has anyone clocked the speed of a yama yz 250?

i have a yz250 and have always wanted to know the speed i have know clue but my guess is that mine can do at least 80 maybe more.

How tall are yz 80 dirt bikes?


Yz80 or cr80 what is faster?

yz 80

What year is A yz 80 jyA3rvo311A015480?


Can you trade in your ttr 125 for a yz 125?

Not likely, ttr 125s are 4 stroke and it is a trail bike. a yz 125 is a 2 stroke race bike. yz 125s are worth more unless you trade for a older model then the ttr. its posable but highly unlikely

Is a Yamaha yz 450 two stroke?

no it is a 4 stroke without the electric start, battery, headlights ect.

What is the difference in Yamaha yz models?

a yz250 is two stroke and a yz250f is four stroke. same with the 125 and 85