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What is the speed of darkness?

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The universe consists only of space, mass and energy. The word 'speed' is applicable only to mass (solid, liquid, or gas) or energy (heat, light, electromagnetic waves, etc.). Darkness is not a mass nor energy, so the word speed cannot be applied to darkness.

  • Darkness is the absence of light. There is no speed of darkness.
  • I guess you could say that darkness "arrives" when light departs. So the speed that light "leaves" the observed space would be the speed of darkness; meaning the speed of darkness would be the speed of light, about 3.00 × 108 m/s. The same reasoning is behind the statement "there is no 'cold,' only the absence of heat."
  • I think the contributor is asking a joke or riddle - a play on "the speed of light."
  • There is a "Speed of Darkness". It is the fifth studio album by the Celtic Punk band Flogging Molly. It was released May 31, 2011.
  • According to the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett, Darkness is faster than the speed of light as no matter how fast light tries to get there, darkness always got there first.
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Is the speed of darkness greater than the speed of light?

Darkness is only the absence of light. The 'speed of darkness', or the speed at which darkness 'propagates' (even though only the absence of photons is propagating) is therefor equal to the speed of light.

Is the speed of light faster than he speed of darkness?

Darkness does not have speed since it is merely the absence of light.

If the speed of light is 299792458 meters per second what is the speed of darkness?

When scientists refer to the speed of light, they're talking about the photons which make up light. Darkness is the absence of light; hence, there are no photons. There is nothing to measure. The speed of darkness is undefined as there is no quanta making up darkness. Put simply: There is no speed of darkness!

Does darkness have speed?

No, darkness does not have physical properties as it isn't anything at all.Darkness is defined as the absence of light, it is just what happens when light is not present.

What is darkness and how fast does it travel?

Darkness is the absence of light and will therefore travel at the speed of light (6x108m/s)

What is the speed of Darkness If darkness is the absence of light then you think that light is the absence of darkness.?

No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.No, light is not the absence of darkness. Darkness is nothing, light is something.

What is darkness and does it travel?

no light and it trazels at the speed of light

How quickly does darkness travel?

Presumably at the speed of light.

What is the speed of dark?

Darkness doesn't have a speed. What you are seeing is the light leaving. You could say it's the same as the speed of light but it's really just your perception that darkness is moving but it's really the absence of light.

Why are speed cameras painted bright yellow?

so people can even see them in darkness

Can Light and Darkness Dragon negate Counter Traps in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, Light and Darkness Dragon's negation effect is a Quick Effect which is spell speed 2, so it cannot chain to a Counter Trap which is spell speed 3.

What is faster light or darkness?

Darkness isn't a real thing, it is just a lack of light. So, I guess you could say that it travels at the speed of light as all the light leaves an area.

What is the velocity of the darkness?

It doesn't have a velocity! However, in theory, one could say that darkness is the only thing that replaces light!! So as light goes away, darkness takes its place!! So darkness probably travels at the speed of light :D - 186000 miles per second (that's about 7.5 times round the earth in a second)

If a black hole can suck-up and draw in light then the speed of darkness must be faster then the speed of light?

Not quite. Remember that darkness is simply the absence of light. If you flipped a lightswitch in a closed room the light turns off, and it goes dark. The reason that is is because the lack of a light source. Some animals can take that lack of a lightsource and see using infrared visuals. They DONT emit a red light so darkness is still set there, but they can see through the darkness. The reason this is, because darkness is just a state of no light. We see things because light reflects off of them. The reason blackholes suck light is because they are so powerful light cant escape. which means light cant emit. Darkness has no speed esentally that is what I am getting at.

What is the speed of dark in space?

Same as the speed of light. Darkness is only the absence of light, so when light leaves a specific "space" (at the speed of light) then the time it takes to be dark there will be equal to the time it takes the light to leave.

How fast does the speed of dark travel?

I love this question. Einstien has a great quote on the answer. There is no such thing as dark or cold or even dumb. dark is the absence of light. cold is the absence of heat and being dumb is the absence of intelligence. there is no speed of dark, but you could probably get away with saying its the same speed as light as dark follows light.Even the best of us can be wrong. Einstein was a man way before his time back then. But if we fully examine this question and the answers given earlier we can clearly see that we need to elaborate more on this question."There is no such thing as dark or cold or even dumb." I beg to differ, The Absence of; simply means you are taking away or have less of. So we can mathematically see that you are moving in the negative direction towards the 0. When light is completely voided we call this point Darkness. Darkness is unlimited or infinite. Light is limited."there is no speed of dark," This is Mathematically true. Darkness is everywhere Omnipotent. Light appears where there is a source to illuminate it.Since darkness is everywhere it does not need to move. Therefore we can summarize that darkness speed is 0. For a better understanding of this concept Zero please read; Zero by Charles Seife"dark follows light." Darkness neither follows light nor leads it. Light's potential is due to the presents of darkness. When light has exhausted its potential darkness remains. Darkness is everywhere, light is not.Conclusion:Darkness concept is liken to the number Zero. All things relating to this number would come under the power of Darkness. When calculating light you must stand at one point and wait for it to reach you. Therefore, light has a origin. I would also like to add that light can be capture or held. Allowing us to measure and work with it. Where as darkness can not. It can only be accepted as we see it. Since we are illuminating creatures depending on light to reach our full potential. We tend to see light as more powerful then darkness and villainized it. Darkness just as light can be beneficial to our everyday needs. With all this said the speed of Darkness would be 0.Note:The symbol for darkness is a circle with a line drawn down the middle.

Does darkness have a speed?

no, it is the speed of light just at a lower level of intensity. Light travels and never ends even when it hits a planet light still exist just at a lower intensity.

Is cosmic darkness greater than light?

It depends. If this is a theological question then the answer should be no as darkness represents evil and evil is almost always thought of as inferior to good. If this is an astrophysical question then the answer would probably be yes as space expands faster than the speed of light so there is more darkness in he universe than light and the light will eventually die off but darkness will still be left.

What movies have the word Darkness in the title?

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What is the Gaelic for 'darkness'?

'dorchadas' is the Irish for darkness.

Which of the following actions is required of Boat B while being overtaken by Boat A in darkness or reduced visibility?

maintain course and speed

How can the word 'darkness' be used in a sentence?


What is a sentence with the word darkness in it?

The darkness of the night lingered in the sky.

What is righteous darkness?

Pertaining to Kingdom Hearts, there's no such thing as Righteous Darkness. You may be thinking of Tranquil Darkness, Feeble Darkness, Almighty Darkness, Sleeping Darkness, Looming Darkness, or Bottomless Darkness; all of those are map cards in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

What is the the exact opposite of E MC What would the -C represent in reality?

The exact opposite of the C in the equation E = MC^ would be darkness. C is the speed of light, so if you take the light out, -C would be equal to darkness.