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The average speed of the International Space Station is 17,221 miles per hour. It completes an orbit every 91.48 minutes at an average altitude of 222.3 miles.

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Q: What is the speed of the ISS?
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What is the speed of the closest satellite from earth?

5800km /h and its the iss!

What is the speed international space station?

The speed of the ISS is about 28000 Km/h or about 17,000 mph at an altitude of 300 to 400 kilometres.

How fast does the iss travel?

The average speed of the I.S.S is 27,743.8 km/h or 17,239.2 mph.

What examples of technology are there on board the iss?

its because its the ISS

How long before docking to the iss does the space shuttle have to start slowing down to make a safe docking?

During launch the space shuttle speeds up to 17500 MPH. In orbit the space station is going about the same speed. So the shuttle does not have to slow down much. At docking the relative speed of the ISS and shuttle is about 1-2 inchs per second.

Who owns the iss?

No one truly "owns" the ISS, but 6 different space agencies work on the ISS

How does a astronot use math?

For example, if something is launched toward the ISS, scientists and astronomers have to take into account the altitude, the tangential speed, the speed of the object being launched, etc. Lots of math and calculus.

How long is the ISS?

The ISS is as big as a football field

What year will the ISS be completed?

The ISS is expected to be completed in 2011.

What does the iss do?

The ISS works by converting the sun's light into electricity.

When was the ISS completed?

the ISS was completed in November 17 1998.

How high is the iss?

The ISS is about 400 km (250 mi) from the Earths surface.

When was ISS Dome created?

ISS Dome was created in 2006.

When was ISS EarthKAM created?

ISS EarthKAM was created in 1996.

What do the letters iss stand for?

ISS stands for the International Space Station

How do you say what did you do in Spanish?

¿Qué hiciste? (kay iss-ISS-teh)

Who lives in the ISS?

Astronauts live in the ISS (International Space Station)

Is the ISS connected to NASA?

Yes, ISS is connected to NASA through its programs.

How many crew members can live on the ISS?

About six crew members on the iss

When did scientists launch the ISS?

The International Space Station (ISS) was launched in 1998.

When did ISS Pro Evolution happen?

ISS Pro Evolution happened in 1999.

When will the ISS pass over Canterbury. Kent UK?

The site I use to track the ISS is (co-incidentally) ISS tracker. Search for it in your browser, and add it to your favourites. It has zoom capability, and you can either centre the ISS on the screen, or 'release' the lock, and watch its transit.

Wie bevindt zich nu in het iss?

Wie bevindt zich nu in het ISS? = who is currently aboard the ISS?

What compounds are made by plants from glucose manufactured in photosynthesis?

Well the answer iss no Well the answer iss no

What is full name of iss?

ISS, International Space Station i hope this your answer.