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What is the speed of the fastest person running?


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November 06, 2007 9:03PM

Michael Johnson set the 200 meter sprint record in 19.32 seconds. 200 meters is equivalent to 218.72266 yards. There is 1760 yards to a mile. If you divide 1760 yards by 218.72266, then you get 8.0467199877689856185911418597415 (this is how many 200 meters are in one mile). Multiply 8.0467199877689856185911418597415 by 19.32 seconds. You get 155.46263016369680215118086073021 seconds. It would have taken him 2 minutes, 35 seconds to run 1 mile, if he maintained that pace for a mile. Divide 35 seconds by 60 seconds and you get .583. So, it will take him 2.583 minutes to run that mile.

Divide 60 minutes by 2.583 minutes and you get 23.22 mph.