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No, ultrasonic wave do not travel at all in a vacuum.

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Good and tricky question! Ultrasonic waves do not travel in the vacuum. Sound waves need a medium to travel.

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Q: What is the speed of ultrasonic waves in vacuum is equal to what is the speed of audible sound in air?
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What ultrasonic means?

anything above the frequencies of audible sound

What is the difference between ultrasonic and infrasonic sound waves?

The sound waves which are below the audible sound are called infrasonics(<20Hz) and The sound waves which are above the audible sound are called ultrasonics(>20KHz).

What is a wave called with a frequency higher than 20000 Hz?

That is not audible sound - ultrasonic

Can an ultrasonic wave be produced by using speakers?

no Because ultrasonic sound waves are not audible and it is not possible to create that much loudness in normal speakers.

Did ultrasonic sound are heard in solar system?

No, because sound cannot travel in the vacuum.

Why ultrasonic waves are not electromagnetic waves?

No. They are mechanical waves, ultrasonic waves are sound waves and require a medium for propagation. The word ultrasonic denotes that they have a frequency above the audible range (above 20 KHz).

What are ultrasonic and infrasonic sound waves?

Ultrasonic and Infrasonic sound waves are waves that are not audible to human beings. The audible region contains sound waves of 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz.Infrasonic sound waves have frequencies below 16 Hz. For example, an earthquake.Ultrasonic sound waves have frequencies above 20,000 Hz. For example, x-rays.Grade 11 Physics

Are the speed of ultrasonic and audible sound wave same?

Traveling in the same medium, they have the same speed - just different frequencies (and wavelengths).

How does a bat make ultrasonic sound and why?

Bats use their vocal tract to make ultrasonic sound the same way we use our vocal tract to make audible sound. They use these for a form of SONAR navigation allowing them to "see" in total darkness. Also many insect eating bats can focus their ultrasonic sound to use it to stun their prey.

What are sound conclusions?

sound is a mechanical wave.Sound can be of two types :music and noise. sound gets reflected. we need about 300 metres for a good echo to be heard. there are audible and inaudible sounds. audible from 20Hz to 20000Hz.below 20Hz and above 20000Hz are inaudible sounds.There are infrasonic and ultrasonic sounds.

What are the applications of ultrasonic sound waves?

The most common application of ultrasonic sound is in medical and other ultrasonic imaging.

Name of birds that can hear ultrasonic sound?

bats can hear ultrasonic sound

What part of the electromagnetic spectrum does the ultrasonic wave falls into?

An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.An ultrasonic wave is not an electromagnetic wave; it is a sound wave.

Which animals can hear ultrasonic sound waves?

whale can hear ultrasonic sound waves.

How do you use audible in a sentences?

Her voice is barely audible. When sound is heard, it is audible.

This describes sound vibrations above what is audible by the human ear?

An adult human's frequency range is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Any sound above 20,000 Hz is called "ultrasonic" or "ultrasound".

Which sound waves can be called ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic means 'faster than sound'. This means no sound wave can be faster than sound.

Can you see ultrasonic sound waves?

Sound waves- ultrasonic, sonic, or intrasonic are generally invisible. You cannot see sound.

What is the difference between infrasound and ultrasound?

Infrasound is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second, the normal limit of human hearing. Ultrasonic waves have frequencies above the audible range at around 20 kHz. Audible sound is within human hearing range.

Is ultrasonic wave radio frequency?

ultrasonic wave is sound frequency

How does whales talk to each other?

they talk to each other by ultrasonic sound. they create and hear ultrasonic sound

What frequency of a wave in the air can be heard as an audible sound by the human ear?

For the human ear, sound is audible in the range of 20 Hz (Hertz) to 20000 Hz. Sounds below 20 Hz are "infrasonic" and have too low a frequency to be heard; sounds above 20000 Hz are "ultrasonic" and are too high a frequency to be heard.

Does ultrasonic sound deter wasps?


What is a simple sentence using the word audible in it?

The audible sound was really loud!

What are the uses of Audible sound waves?

Audible means that you can hear it. All of the sounds you hear- speech, music, car horns, fire alarms- are all audible sound.