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What is the speed of ultrasound waves in the air?

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Mohammed Badi
Answered 2021-01-21 11:30:44

The speed of ultrasound waves in a particular medium varies from 330 meters per second (m/sec) in air to 1450 m/sec in fat, 1570 m/sec in blood, and 4080 m/sec in the skull. Hence, ultrasound travel through the air with speed of 330 m/s.

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Answered 2013-03-16 19:32:25

The 'normal' speed of sound is 340 m/s in dry air at room temperature and pressure.

From your question, it appears we should differentiate the terms "ultrasonic" and "supersonic".

Ultrasonic relates to sonic frequencies higher than 20 KHz, i.e. beyond audible range. For a given gas, the speed of sound is independent of the frequency of the sound measured and also independent of the density of the gas.

Supersonic relates to a speed of an object greater than the normal speed of sound (340 m/s in air at STP) and usually the phenomena associated with it.

The speed of sound is also a functionof the medium through which it's passing. For example, the speed of sound through water is 1,500 m/s, and is slightly over 5,000 m/s in iron.

So to answer your question, the speed of ultrasound in airis340 m/s for the reasons given.

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What is ultrasound waves?

Sound waves with frequencies higher than 20000 Hz are referred to as ultrasound waves.

How defects in a metal block can be detected using ultrasound?

The ultrasound waves are allowed to pass through metal block to which are fitted detectors to detect the waves. If the metal block has a very small defect, such as an air bubble or a crack, then the ultrasound waves are reflected from such spots. The reflected ultrasonic waves indicates that metal block is defective.

What speed do television waves travel in air?

If the information for television goes through the air, the waves used are electromagnetic waves; specifically of the type called RADIO WAVES.All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light when in a vacuum: about 300,000 km/second. In air, the speed is almost the same as in a vacuum.

What is Endorectal ultrasound?

Endorectal ultrasound (ERUS) is a procedure where a probe is inserted into the rectum and high frequency sound waves (ultrasound waves) are generated

Is ultrasound an transverse or longitudinal wave?

Ultrasound waves are longitudinal.

What speed do radio waves travel in air?

They are electromagnetic waves, so they travel at the speed of light, 3.0 x 108m/s.

What is the purpose of the gel during the ultrasound scan?

it transmits the sound waves from the probe to the skin to be more specific - Ultrasound waves travel very poorly through air....even the little bit that would be present between the probe and the skin when it is dry. The gel lets the waves transmit from the probe to the skin, and thus the tissues beneath. That is why ultrasound can be applied to many different areas of the body; except the lungs. (full of air)

Are there any uses of ultrasound in medicine?

yes when you get an ULTRASOUND when your pregnant it use ultrasound waves to show the image.

What happens to seismic waves in the air?

In air, the seismic waves(P-wave) are simply sound waves, and travel with the speed of sound (approx. 335 m/s).

What affects the speed of sound waves travelling through the air?

Temperature and air density.

Can ultrasound waves travel through a vacuum?

Ultrasound waves are high frequency sound waves. As such they are pressure (longitudinal) waves and require a medium through which to travel.Therefore they will not travel through a vacuum.

What is the difference between ultrasound waves and light waves?

"Ultrasound" would not seem so mysterious and sci-fi futuristic if it were just called "sound", which is exactly what it is. Ultrasound is a longitudinal mechanical vibration of material that carries energy from one place to another, just like any other sound does. The only difference is that ultrasound happens to be at frequencies higher than what your ear can detect, so when you're around ultrasound, you don't hear anything. Ultrasound is a mechanical wave in material substances, whereas light is an electromagnetic wave that doesn't require any material substance to carry it. Ultrasound travels at the speed of sound ... about 340 meters per second in air at sea level. Light travels at the speed of light ... about 300,000,000 meters per second in vacuum.

Do sound waves travel at the speed of light?

No, sound waves travel much slower in the medium air.

Do all em waves travel at the same speed?

Electromagnetic waves have the same speed when travelling through a given medium: Air, water, vacuum,...

How does ultrasound scans work?

sound waves

Which sound waves are produced by bats?


How ultrasound waves are different from sound waves of the same amplitude?

Only in frequency

Which use of sound waves depends on the fact that sound waves are reflected?


When sound waves travel from air to water what will happen to the speed at wich they are moving?

i think the speed will increase.

What is the difference between sound waves and ultrasound waves?

Difference is in their frequency, audible sound waves is between 12 Hz and 20,000 Hz, Ultrasound waves is any sound that has a frequency beyond the 20,000 Hz limit

What is the functionality of ultrasound?

Ultrasound is typically performed by a trained ultrasound technologist, it involves using sound waves to get an image of the reproductive system.

What jobs use ultrasound waves?

Doctors use ultrasound to check the health of an unborn baby.

What is similar about ultrasound and infrared?

Ultrasound is a pressure wave, infrared is a light wave. They are both waves.

Can humidity affect sound waves?

Yes, it affects the density of air and thus the speed of sound in air.

What speed do sound waves travel at?

760 miles per hour (in air).