What is the speedometer in a car give the car's?


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Speedometer can determine a car's normal and maximum speed.

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Older cars have a cable, which is turned by a gear at the rear of the transmission, and this operates a mechanical speedometer. Modern cars have an electronic sensor in the gearbox which is linked by wire to an electronic speedometer.

In a car, the speedometer measured Instantaneous speed. This comes from the assumption that the car does not slow down and speed up fast enough for the speedometer to be able to give an average of the changing speed.

Racing cars such as those in Formula 1 racing do not have speedometers

It reads the instantaneous speed.If you have noticed that the speedometer needle drops and rises with the drop and rise with the cars speed.

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A cars speedometer measures speed. A speedometer is a gauge that displays the speed of a vehicle so the driver will know how fast the vehicle is moving.

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The speed of the car. The speed-o-meter only shows a magnitude ( or a number ) and to tell the velocity of a car it would have to give that speed some direction. Since the speedometer assigns no direction to the car, the number assigned as the speed of the car cannot be the velocity of the car.

its a 1994 cavalier the speedometer runs on its own and will not start it starts when the speedometer is not running it has the vs sensor

It indicates the speed of the car.

The speedometer is on the dash like any other car....

A speedometer is a tool used to record a cars speed.

the speedometer in a car measures the car's instantaneous speed. Note the scale markings are given both in k/m and in miles per hour, mph.

There is no speedometer cable to change. Subaru, like all modern cars, has an electronic speedometer. --Ken

the speedometer beeped so loud as the car speed by

It measures the rate of travel.IE. the speed the car is traveling at.The speedometer of a car measures speed. It is measured in miles per hour or kilometres per hour (mph or kph).The speedometer of a car measure the instantaneous speed.

To some extent, it can be used as a speedometer. However, it is nowhere near as accurate as your cars speedometer. There will also be a greater delay in the changes in speed than with a normal speedometer.

How fast the vehicle is traveling.

it tells you how fast the car is going

no. a SPEEDometer measures SPEED. not velocity: direction

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