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Speedometer can determine a car's normal and maximum speed.

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Q: What is the speedometer in a car give the car's?
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What speed does the speedometer in a car give?

The speed of the car.

A cars speedometer measures?

The car's speedometer indicates the car's instantaneous speed. This is a big part of the reason that it's not called the car's accelerometer, thermometer, or voltmeter.

How does car speedometer work?

Older cars have a cable, which is turned by a gear at the rear of the transmission, and this operates a mechanical speedometer. Modern cars have an electronic sensor in the gearbox which is linked by wire to an electronic speedometer.

What information does the speedometer of a car give you?

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Does speedometer of a car read instantaneous speed or average speed?

In a car, the speedometer measured Instantaneous speed. This comes from the assumption that the car does not slow down and speed up fast enough for the speedometer to be able to give an average of the changing speed.

How high does the speedometer go on a race car?

Racing cars such as those in Formula 1 racing do not have speedometers

Does the speedometer of a car read average speed or instaneous speed?

It reads the instantaneous speed.If you have noticed that the speedometer needle drops and rises with the drop and rise with the cars speed.

The speedometer of a car moving east reads 55mph it passes another car going west at 55mph the cars have the same?

Speed - but NOT velocity.

What are the types of car engine?

give ma information about cars give ma information about cars

Whats a cars top speed if the speedometer say 145?

The speed of most cars today is limited by the computer, no matter what the speedometer says. My car's speedometer lists 140, but it actuality 120 is the top speed as the limiter kicks in and controls the speed by way of a fuel shut off.

What does a cars speedometer measure?

A cars speedometer measures speed. A speedometer is a gauge that displays the speed of a vehicle so the driver will know how fast the vehicle is moving.

Does a cars speedometer show instantaneous speed averae speed or velocity?

the speedometer in a car measures the car's instantaneous speed. Note the scale markings are given both in k/m and in miles per hour, mph.

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