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to get a girl pregnant


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Sperm do not produce sperm. Although meiosis may be occuring, to say that sperm creates sperm would be incorrect.

Sperm from mongoloids, sperm from caucasoids, sperm from negroids, sperm from semites and sperm from aborigines of unknown descent.

A whale sperm is a whale's sperm, obviously.

ANSWER The testicles do not PRODUCE sperm. They store sperm.

No, dry sperm = dead sperm.

A female does not have sperm. Sperm is found in males only. Sperm is used to get the female pregnant.

You sperm by masturbating by masturbating will release sperm. But if your not in puberty yet you can't produce any sperm.

Pre-sperm contains sperm-cells too, but in lesser density than regular sperm. So statistically sperm has better chances to reach the egg, if that was your question.

The tail of the sperm whips and forces the sperm forward. Y sperm are smaller, lighter and faster, X sperm are larger, heavier and slower but can keep going for longer. Y sperm are sprinters, X sperm are long distance runners.

the function of the sperm duct is to carry the sperm from the testes

Semen is the fluid the sperm are in. Sperm are the individual cells.

They call it a sperm whale because it is a shape of a sperm.

Semen is the fluid the sperm are in. Sperm are individual cells.

If you are female you don't have sperm. Only males have sperm.

A procedure called sperm washing is a way to cleanse the sperm. The procedure separates the sperm cells from the semen in order to get rid of slow moving or dead sperm.

If your looking to have more sperm eat brocley it will increase the healthiness of the sperm and will increase your sperm count by a bit

Yes, sperm will die when it is wiped on clothing. Unless the environment is right for sperm, the sperm will die.

No But i'm a girl , and i'm freaking out if girls have sperm and if it can act like a boys sperm Do girls have sperm? if they do can they act like a boys sperm? They don't have it

Sperm does not cause diabetes. It is only diabetes which damages sperm.

Yes, men do have sperm. In fact, women do not have sperm at all.

I need you to give me your sperm so i can have a baby Sperm is the seed of the man

if the sperm comes in contact with the urine it will kill the sperm

you ejaculate not sperm...sperm are the little swimmers in semen that fertilize the egg.

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