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The sperm of the flower is also called pollen.

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Are sperm cells formed within the female flower plarts?

Sperm cells are not formed in the female flower parts, called the Oogonia. The sperms cells are formed within the male flower reproductive organs, called Antheridia. These sperm cells form from spermatogenic tissue.

Concerning flower fertilization what is the function of the sperm tube fertilization?

The sperm tube carries the sperm from the testis to the penis. Sperms are carried in a liquid called semen.

Why are sunflowers called angiosperm plants?

They call it this because most of the sunflower is flower sperm. The sac holding the sunflower seed is full of the sperm.

Where is the sperm located in a plant?

its called a seed and in many plants it is located in the flower It is located in the stamen.

Which part of the flower contains sperm cell?

The pollen grains produced in the anther of the flower contain the sperm cells.

What part of a flower holds 2 sperm cells?

The part of a flower that holds 2 sperm cells is the stamen. The stamen is the male productive organ of the flower and is where pollen is produced.

Explain how sperm are able to reach an egg to fertilize it in a flower?

Flowers do not have sperm and egg. They have stamen and pistil. Insects, mostly bee's get pollen from one flower and when they land on another flower some of it falls off and pollinates that flower.

Part of a flower in which sperm form?

It might be the anther...

What does the endosperm do in a flower?

It is the part which keeps the matured sperm

Is the yucca flower a angiosperm?

HAHAHA you said sperm.

What part of the flower produces sperm?

the hapoild male gametophytes (sperm) are produced in the anthers as pollen grains

What grows from the flower of a plant?

Pollen grows inside the flower. The pollen acts as a guard for the egg and sperm of the flower. When pollination occurs and the egg and sperm are placed on another plant, fertilization happens to make more new flowers.

What does the male part of a flower produce?

The male part of a flower (the stamen) produces pollen, which are the sperm cells.

What is boy sperm called?

Boys sperm is called semen. :)

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