What is the spirit of Geneva?

I'm not entirely sure, but there was a famous photomontage by John Heartfield during the 1920's. Geneva was the base for the League of Nations, of which the USA didn't join, which made it hard for Britain and France to put trade sanctions on Italy when they invaded Abyssinia and Japan when they invaded Manchuria. So i would say that the USA was the so-called 'spirit' of Geneva. Something that should be there but isn't.


Sorry, above answer is totally wrong!!! The spirit of Geneva means the feeling connected with the beginning internationalism in these days: Most of the essential networks which were/are global active were/are located in Geneva: E.g. the League of Nations, the International Red Cross, the Women's International League, the International Labour Office, Save the Children International Union etc. had/have their headquarters there.

Pierre Bovet, Edouard Claparède and Adolphe Ferrière fostered their international network in connection with the 'Bureau international des Ecoles nouvelles' and the 'Institut Jean-Jacques Rousseau' - the New Education Fellowship had their its roots with its journal "Pour l'ère nouvelle"...

Last but not least Lazarus Ludwig Zamenhof invented Esperanto. There was an amazing, incredible international activity rooting to or erradiating from Geneva during these days after the First World War. This activity is responsible for the presence of people working for these organizations with global aims, so this spirit was felt by the presence of these international people with global pacifistic ideals.