What is the square footage on a 16x80 mobile home?

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That square footage is 1280 square feet. Moderately big for a Mobile Home.
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How do you obtain a title on a 16x80 mobile home that was given to you by a previous employer and the prior business abandon the home over 6 years ago and now the business no longer exists?

Mobile homes are supposed to be registered with the DMV in every state I know of. In my state, if a vehicle (an auto for example) is abandoned, one can talk to the local polic

Your mobile home roof is 16x80 how many bundles of shingles are needed?

Roofing shingles are measured in "squares". One square is 100 square feet. *ASSUMING YOUR ROOF IS FLAT OR NEARLY FLAT* 16' x 80' = 1280 square feet. You'll need 12.8 (or

What counts as livable square footage in a home?

Some flats in Australia are 45 square metres, but 50 metres is the minimum size that a bank will put a mortgage on. I would estimate that 150 metres square would be adequate f

How do you figure the square footage of a home?

Model each floor of the house with one or more rectangles, compute the area of each of these rectangles, and sum them to the total square footage. If the shape of you house if

What is considered total square footage of a home?

Typically it would be the Length x the width of your home living space(Finished basement inc)ex.My home is a 2 story 25 ft wide and 40 ft long so 1000 sq ft x 2...2000 sq ft
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What is square footage of 3 bedroom home?

It could be anything. How big are the bedrooms and how many other rooms are in the house? The only way to know is to measure it.
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What is 16x80?

how much viynal sising for 16x80 mobile home
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What size generator should be used to power a 16x80 mobile home?

A 2 ton unit would be most useful for that size home. 1280SF generator will be most useful and cost less in the long run. It will also last longer because it can hold up to wh