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6 squared, or 6 multiplied by 6 = 36.


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A square has FOUR sides, not six.

There are 54 square feet in six square yards. (square feet divided by 9 = square yards)

A cube has six equal square faces.

No. The square root of thirty-six is positive or negative six.

A square that is six inches on a side would have an area of 36 square inches.

36 square cm. six squared is just six times six.

6!/6/6+square root of 6 times square root of six over six dunno how 2type square roots

Six square in construction terms means six hundred square feet. A square is a 10x10 area, or 100 square feet. Hope that helps.

The square root of six divided by the square root of two equals the square root of three.

Since doing the subtraction is rather easy to do, am guessing you need help with the 'square' part of that. The square of a number is found by multiplying that number with itself. The square of negative six can be found by multiplying negative six with negative six. Negative six times negative six is positive thirty six. So, in other words, the square of negative six is positive thirty six. (It is a curious thing that the square of any real number is ALWAYS positive.) 33 minus the square of negative 6 is the same as 33 minus 36. You can do the subtraction!

Six million acres is 9,375 square miles.

No, a square is a quadrilateral, and a hexagon has six sides, hense, hex meaning six, and a square is a quadrilateral, quad meaning four.

Six square meters is 64.58 square feet.

A square has one face, a cube has six faces.

6 (square yards) = 54 square feet

A square prism has six faces.

A square prism has six sides

The square root of six is 2.4494897427831780981972840747059

A cube has six square faces.

That is because a cube has six square faces.

Six names that you can call a square are rhombus, square, rectangle, kite, trapezoid, or parallelogram. All of these shapes have four corners and are known as quadrilaterals.

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