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What is the square root of x equals 29?

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Square root of x = 29 can be rearranged by squaring both sides of the equation.

That would leave you with:

x = 29^2 (or 29 squared)

So, work out what 29 squared is and that's what x is equal to.

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Yes, because when x equals 1, the square root of x is rational and the square root of -x is irrational, and when x equals -1, the square root of x is irrational and the square root of -x is rational.

If x equals the square root of ...., then you already have solved for x

The square root of a value v is a number x such that, x multiplied by x equals v. Note that -x is also a square root.

Plus or minus the base. If the base is X and you square it, you get X2. If you take the square root of that, you get Plus or Minus X. This is because X*X equals X2 and -X*-X also equals X2.

2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 29 x 29 = 13456 2 x 2 x 29 = 116, the square root

No. The Square root of x is not the value of x. So it can not be simplified beyond: Root X + root 3x Yes. The square root of 3x equals the square root of 3 times the square root of x, so when you add another square root of x, you can factor out the square root of x, thereby simplifying the expression to the square root of x times the sum of one plus the square root of three.

x=square root (-2) =i(square root of 2)WHERE i2 =-1

Yes, if x and y = 1 √1 + √1 = √1 + 1 1 + 1 = 1 + 1 QED

square root of x = 3 Since the square root of a number is basically that number to the power of 1/2, if you square both sides it will cancel out the square root.(x1/2)2 = 32x = 32x = 9Since 3 squared is 9, x equals 9.

√(x)=1444 Square both sides x=2085136

The square root of 363 = 19.05255 = x.

what is the domain of g(x) equals square root of x plus 1? √(x+1) ≥ 0 x+1≥0 x≥-1 Domain: [-1,∞)

x = 41 √x = √41 √x ≈ 6.4

31 x 31 = 961 31 is the square root of 961.

The square root of 2266 is 47.60252094164762. That would be 47.60252094164762 x 47.60252094164762 which equals 2266.

√x = 5(√x)2 = 52 square both sidesx = 25

root(x+5)-root(x-5)=2 root(x+5)=2-root(x-5) x+5=4-4root(x-5)+x-5 4root(x-5)+6=0 root(x-5)=-3/2 x-5=9/4 x=9/4 +5 x=29/4

sqrtx=20 to get rid of the square root you square both sides so sqrt(x)^2=x and (20)^2=400 x=400

Yes and x = 2+square root of 6 or x = 2-square root of 6

If Sqaure root of Pi is the Diameter of Circle . Then the circumference is Pi X Dia . Which equals , Pi X Square root of Pi. Which is is approximately 5.56

x^2 = 64 x = +,- square root of 64 = +,- 8. Thus, x = -8 or x = 8

6 Square root of 4 equals 2 3 x 2 = 6

x=1/2(-1-square root of 21) and x=1/2(square root of 21 -1)

The idea is to find a perfect square among its factors, such as two square, three square, etc. In this case, the square root of 68, root(68), equals root(4 x 17) = root(4) x root(17) = 2 root(17).

The square root of the fifth root of x is the tenth root of x.

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