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Q: What is the stamp duty scandal involving LJ Hooker?
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Related questions

Can you claim stamp duty for tax?

You can claim stamp duty for tax because when purchasing property, stamp duty is only included in its cost base.

What is the stamp duty on scripless shares in Singapore?

No Singapore stamp duty is payable on scripless shares in Singapore companies as Singapore stamp duty (as far as share transfers are concerned) is a tax payable on the instrument of transfer. Where there is no such instrument, stamp duty does not arise. Shari

Who should pay the Stamp duty for Loan Agreement - Bank or Loan applicant - Why?

The Home buyer has to pay a certain amount of money as stamp duty on the loan amount, which is known as stamp duty loan. Percentage of stamp duty loan depends on the value of the residential property that the buyer is buying. Paying stamp duty is compulsory while purchasing a residential property as its registration.

What is the stamp duty act in India?

What was the year when stamp duty act passed in Maharashtra (INDIA) ?

When is stamp duty applied?

do I have to pay stamp duty on a retirement unit, it is in Glenvale Gardens Toowoomba

How can one determine the stamp duty in NSW?

One can determine the stamp duty in NSW using a special calculator. It calculates the stamp duty after entering the amount borrowed as well as the purchase price.

Who is liable to pay Stamp Duty?

The liability of paying stamp duty is that of the buyer unless there is an agreement to the contrary. Section 30, of Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 states the liability for payment of stamp duty. For More Information Visit :

What is the difference between stamp duty and registration fees?

Stamp Duty is the duty paid to the government on the market value of the property and the registration fee is the process fee charged by the concerned authority.

What is Stamp Duty in Mumbai?

It is a tax, similar to sales tax [VAT] and income tax collected by the government. Stamp Duty is payable under Section 3 of the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958. Different amount of Stamp Duty is payable for different type of documents as per Schedule-1 of The Bombay Stamp Act, 1958. Stamp Duty must be paid in full and on time. If there is a delay in payment stamp duty, it attracts penalty. A stamp duty paid document is considered a proper and legal document and as such gets evidentiary value and is admitted as evidence in the court. Document not properly stamped, is not admitted as evidence by the court.

What is the stamp duty in Victoria?

In Australia "Stamp duty" is a tax levied by individual States in the Commonwealth of Australia. In Victoria stamp duty is levied under the Duties Act and collected by the Victorian State Revenue Office. For example stamp duty is payable on the transfer of ownership of land or a motor vehicle. Stamp duty law can be complex. You may really be searching for information on postage rates in Victoria. The best information can be found on the Australia Post website which includes a postage calculator.

What has the author A C Harper written?

A. C. Harper has written: 'Stamp duty and capital duty' -- subject(s): Stamp-duties

Do you pay vat on stamp duty?


What is the level for stamp duty?

it is quill

What is Stamp Duty on Mortgage in MP?


Is a tenant reliable to pay stamp duty land tax?

no the tenant is not obligated to pay the stamp duty or the land tax it is an obligation on the part of the owner or land lard to pay it

How much is stamp duty if you sold your house for 170000?

Assuming you are Talking in £'s sterling. It must be £1700.00 Stamp duty is 1% on Values between £125001.00 and £250000.00

How much stamp duty charges is applicable for usance period of 180 days letter of credit?

Rate of payment of stamp duty is a subject matter of state so it is leaviable accordingly.

What is the stamp duty of equitable mortgage in kerala?


What are the rates for stamp duty in Victoria?

The present stamp duty rate in Victoria is roughly 5.5% for property value at over $960,000 to a base rate of 1.4% for properties not more than $25,000.

How do you calculate the stamp duty on life insurance contracts in India?

Generally for an insurance contract there could be more than 1 covers. One mandatory and others optional i.e. Base cover (mandatory) and rider covers (Optional). Stamp duty is applicable only on base cover sum assured. Stamp duty is calculated as percentage (currently 0.02%, may chagne as per laws) of base cover sum assured. No stamp duty appliable on rider Sum assured.

how many rupees stamp paper used for settlement agreement?

The Stamp Duty for each Article is vary from State to State. If talking about the State Delhi then the Stamp Duty for the Agreement is Rs. 50/- For more info about Stamp Paper check out our blogs at our website- Thanks.

When was the concept of Stamp Duty introduced?

Stamp Duty is a tax that was introduced originally in the Netherlands in 1624. It quickly spread to other countries soon after. It stated that any legal documents must have a physical stamp placed on it to note that the document had been paid for and was, therefore, legally effective. Modern versions of this concept no longer require an actual stamp.

Is Call of Duty voilent?

Call of Duty is a game involving war and fighting so yes it's violent. War is violent.

What has the author Nathaniel Hooker written?

Nathaniel Hooker has written: 'The invalid instructed: Or, God's design in sending sickness upon men, and their duty under it' -- subject(s): Suffering, Sick

When did the stamp act take place?

1765 was the year that the Stamp Act duty tax was imposed on the American colonies.

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