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What is the standard discount expected from an ad agency?

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Most ad agencies charge exactly what the media charges for placing the same size/length of ad. They pay the media 85% of that normally, so their average commission is 15%. Some may choose to rebate part of that back to the client.

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What is a agency ad?

An ad agency represents a business or brand to produce, plan and purchase advertisements. Any ads created by an agency would be considered an "agency ad".

What was the sixties tv series about an ad agency?

On Bewitched, Darren Stevens worked for the Tate ad agency.

How would an ad agency utilize search engine optimization strategies?

An ad agency can utilize search engine optimization strategies by spending their money more wisely. Ad agency can do so by finding the sites with the most traffic and click through.

What is an ad agency?

A company or "Agency" that sells ad space in different places like internet websites, television, or Newspapers. The agency will also plan, purchase and create the artwork needed for the advertisement.

What ad agency has the Levi's account?


What are the areas of ad agency?

i seriously have no clue

What ad agency represets adobe systems?

Judging from its latest ads, an agency of idiots.

What ad agency produced the Oh what a feeling Toyota ad?

Publicis Mojo in Sydney

What ad agency does the etrade ads?

etrade and

What does an ad agency do?

An ad agency represents a business by way of creating ads, planning advertising, buying media and ads, and strategic planning. Bigger ad agencies take on bigger clients and keep them under retainer and uses the retainer to implement an advertising campaign. Where as a small ad agency will charge for one off items like websites, tv commercials etc.

What ad agency does Coca Cola use?

Erickson McCANN

What is the song in killer jeans commercial?

It is composed by the Ad agency.

Who writes the catchy slogans for television advertisements?

The people who writes catchy slogans for television advertisements are the ad writers of advertising agencies. An advertiser company will approach an ad agency to create an ad for them or sometimes, advertiser company will give ad agency some ideas on what message the ad must relay to the public viewers.

What is the duration of a standard TV commercial ad?

The standard duration of a standard television commerical ad is around 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on what they are offering, and if it has been shortened or not.

What year did Discount Tire air The Little Old Lady ad?


What is the motto of Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency?

The motto of Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency is 'Ex Sominus Ad Astra'.

What is Home Depot's ad agency?

The Richards Group. Dallas, TX.

Which ad agency does CVS pharmacy use for TV commercials?


List of Indian ad agency?

cherokee, iroquois, aztec, inca, arapaho

Which ad agency manages the career of cricket star Yuvraj Singh?


Who is Ad agency for university of phoenix?

pereira & o'dell as of maybe late 2009

Which ad agency manage career of yuvraj singh?

Percept D' Mark

Which of these sources of an anti-cigarette ad is the most reliable?

A government agency

What are the creative services of an ad agency?

The creative services an ad agency offers are specific to the ad agency. With that being said as a whole ad agencies sell a wide variety of services, of which we have listed below.Creative Services include but are not limited to:Print AdvertisingGraphic DesignMedia BuyingMedia PlanningMarketing PlanningVideo ProductionVideo EditingVideo MarketingViral VideoWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentBanner Ad DesignTV Commercial ProductionJinglesGuerrilla Marketing

How can a company measure whether customers are just reading an Ad or purchasing?

It depends on where the ad is. If it's online, they can (sometimes) use tracking to see if people clicked on an ad to get to a page where they could make a purchase and then did so; another way (which works for any kind of ad, even TV or radio) is to give a "promo code" in the ad which offers a modest discount; if they use a different promo code for every ad, then at the cost of the discount, the company then knows what ads are effective in producing sales and which are not.