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What is the standard height for curtain tiebacks?

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36" plus or minus. It should match your counter height in your kitchen and/or the door handle height in your house.

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What is the standard height of a curtain rod?

There is no standard height of a curtain rod. The height will depend on the room they are used in. The rod should be placed four inches above the window frame.

What is the standard Curtain rod height?

The optimum height for a curtain rod is 2 to 3 inches above the frame.

How do you use corded curtain tie backs?

Most corded curtain tie backs have a tassel. The cord comes pre-tied so that there are 2 loops and the tassel is in the middle. You will also need a hook on your wall to use the tiebacks. You can find inexpensive hooks at any hardware store. Place the hook on the wall at the height/location you want to curtain pulled back to. Then put one of the loops on the hook, wrap the cord arourd the curtain, and attach the other loop. Voila!

What are the standard curtain lengths?

84 inches is the standard curtain length throughout the United States and Canada.

Shower curtain dimensions?

A standard shower curtain measures 72" X 72".

What is the standard doorknob height?

36 inches is the standard doorknob height.

The standard abbreviation for height is h?

The standard abbreviation for height is ht.

What is a vertical screen that extends from the surface to a height greater than the target height called?

smoke curtain

What accessories are standard when purchasing curtain rods?

The rod is pretty much the only standard item.

What is the ideal hight to install curtain rods?

The ideal height is the height that looks best to you. You can install the curtain rod at the same level as the window. Some people like to mount the curtain rods closer to the ceiling, giving the illusion of larger windows. The choice is yours.

What is the standard height of a wooden pallet?

Standard height of a 4x4 wooden pallet?

What is standard counter height stools?

Standard bar stool height is 30"

Is the Sanrio Hello Kitty Curtain Holder easy to use?

The Sanrio Hello Kitty curtain holders are just standard curtain holders. They will be just as easy to use as any.

Was is the standard height for a dining room buffet?

The height of a standard buffet table should be 34" to 38" in height.

What is the size of a standard shower curtain rod?

A standard shower curtain rod is approximately 5-feet long to fit a standard tub size of 60-inches in length. Most shower curtain rods have an adjustable size of 57-inches to 61-inches but some are longer to accommodate a 6-foot long tub.

What is the standard height of a kitchen sink from the floor to the top?

. Standard height is 36 inches.

Standard height for toilet?

The standard height for a toilet is 16", and 17.5" for a handicap toilet.

What is standard height of a laboratory counter?

Should be the same as a standard counter height, 36".

What is the standard ceiling height of a residential home?

AnswerThe standard ceiling height is 8 feet.

What is the standard dining chair height?

18 to 20 inches is standard for the seat height.

What is the standard height for a deck rail?

The standard height for deck ailing is 3' to 3,6"

What is the standard height of an inside doorway in Europe?

the standard height is about 1980mm give or take

Standard height for bathroom towel bar?

standard height is 48 inches from the floor

What is the standard height of a interior door?

The standard height of a interior door is 6' 8".

How much is the standard height of a hotel lobby?

A hotel lobby does not have a standard height or size