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27 & 1/2 inches

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Q: What is the standard height of a toilet paper bar?
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Standard liquor bar stool height?

Standard height for a bar in the US is 42" and standard height bar stool for a 42 inch bar is a 30 inch bar stool.

What is the standard height of a toilet paper bar for ADA requirements?

36 inches max from rear wall to furthest edge of dispenser. 19 inches minimum above finished floor to center of roll.

What is the standard counter height of a breakfast bar?

The Standard counter height of the Bar should be in between 42" to 48" depending on the Bar Stool height.

What is standard counter height stools?

Standard bar stool height is 30"

What is the standard distance of a toilet paper bar away from the toilet?

It would probably be best if you had the toilet paper holder was within arm's reach. Actually it should be within reach of your arm furthest from the tissue holder so you can pull with your closest arm and tear with the other.

Standard height for bathroom towel bar?

standard height is 48 inches from the floor

Counter height for barstools?

Standard bar height is 42 inches. Standard counter for a breakfast bar is 36 inches. Typically you want about 12 inches of clearance for your legs. Standard bar stool height is therefore 30 inches and standard counter stool height is 24 inches.

Standard height for push bar?

The standard height of a push bar is 2.5 to 3 feet. This allows the bar to make contact with most vehicles directly on their bumper.

What is the standard height for bar stools?

Seat height for fixed height bar stools is 65cms. Adjustable 59cms to 81cms

What is standard height for kitchen bar?

The standard height for a kitchen bar is 39 to 42 inches from the floor to the counter. The width of the kitchen bar needs to be at least 14 inches to be useful.

What is the height of a balcony height chair compared to a regular height and a bar height?

Balcony Height is in between bar height and standard seating height, approximately 20" to 22" high. Standard height chairs have seats that are usually between 17" and 19" high, and bar stools are normally 24" to 26" high.

What height is normally used for kitchen bar stools?

30" is the standard height for a kitchen bar stool. That height will accommodate a kitchen bar or island that exceeds 42."

What is the standard height for a grab bar at toliet?

34 inches to the center of the bar.

Standard towel bar height?

40 inches

What is Ada height requirement for toilet seat cover dispinser?

below the grab bar

What is standard bar stool height?

30" is usually considered standard, but bar stools come in many more heights. Depending on your space and your preferences/needs, there is probably a right height for you.

What is the standard width for wet bar?

The standard width for a wet bar ranges from 30 to 54 inches. A standard comfortable height is considered to be 42 inches.

What is the standard towel bar placement over a toilet?

A common placement is about shoulder height of a normal sized person. If you are going to put bath towels rather than hand towels on the bar, then you may need to go a little higher.

What is the standard height of a ballerina bar?

bo, i think its about 45-60cm.

What is a good paper towel holder height?

The standard hanging height for your towel holder seems to be 48 inches above the floor. This will leave leave enough space below the bars for towels to hang freely. If, however, you hang the towel bar in a children's bath, place the bar at a height of 36 inches

What is the average height of a towel bar above the toilet?

The proper height for towel bars installed in bathrooms is 48 inches above the floor.

How many inches from the floor should a towel bar be placed and how far from the toilet?

standard height is 36 inches and if there is available wall space you should put it as close to the sink or shower/tub as possible.

What is a standart height of a bar stool?

There's no single standard, but the most common heights for bar stools are 30 inches and 24 inches (seat height).

What is standard height of bar counter?

Between 40 and 42 inches high.

What are the standard heights padded bar stools come in?

The standard height for common padded bar stools would be thirty inches, or two and a half feet tall.