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Willow GoldfinchThe official state bird for Washington is the Willow Goldfinch, adopted in 1951.

it is a very beautiful bird in my opinion black and white tail, black and white winds, black head, and a beautiful yellow beak and body.
The Willow Goldfinch.
The Washington state bird is the American goldfinch. This bird was made the state bird in 1951. The bird is yellow in color.
wood pecker

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What is the Washington state bird called?

The State bird of Washington is the Willow Goldfinch.

What is Washington D.C.'s state bird?

Washington, DC is not a state; it is a city and therefore is not eligible to have a state bird.

Where is state bird is the goldfinch?

Washington state

What is the number of letters in the state with a willow goldfinch as its state bird?

The only state with the Willow Goldfinch as its state bird is Washington.The name Washington has 10 letters in it.

When did Washington State adopt there state bird?


What is Washington.d.c bird?

There is no state bird for D.C. Washington D.C it the District.

What state has the Willow Goldfinch as their state bird?

The willow goldfinch is hereby designated as the official bird of the state of Washington in 1951.

What state is known as the evergreen state and claims the willow goldfinch as its state bird?


Is the cedar waxwing a state bird?

No, it is not. Although it is very common in Washington state.

What is Washington state's land animal?

The American goldfinch is the official state bird for Washington.

Who is state bird is yellow and black?

Washington... The Gold Finch

What is state bird of Washington State?

The Willow Goldfinch, also known as the American Goldfinch.

What is the Washington D.C. state animal?

The official bird of Washington DC is the Wood Thrush

What is the state whos state bird is the mocking bird?

The mocking bird is the state bird of Texas.

What Is Venezuela State Bird?

A bird. A bird. A venzuela State Bird

How did the Coast Rhododendron become the state bird of Washington?

Well that is actually a plant/bush. The goldfinch is the state bird of both Washingtons. 2 different areas 2 different Goldfinches as well.

Why is the state bird the state bird of Kentucky?

The state bird of Kentucky is the Cardinal.

What is the official bird of Washington D.C.?

The Wood Thrush is the official bird of Washington, DC.

What is Washington D.C districts bird?

The official bird of Washington, DC is the wood thrush.

What is the state animal of Iowa?

The official state bird of Iowa is the eastern goldfinch, also known as the American goldfinch (Spinus tristis), willow finch, or wild canary. It is also the state bird for the states of Washington and New Jersey.

What is China state bird?

there is no state bird. it is a national bird!

When did Guam's bird become their state bird?

Guam is NOT a state, therefore, it has NO state bird.

Which state has chosen the puffin bird its state bird?

Currently, there is no state with the puffin as its official state bird.

What is the Washington State animal?

The Washington State animal, depending on what you mean is: * State Marine Mammal: Orca (Killer Whale) * State Bird: Willow Goldfinch * State Amphibian: Pacific Chorus Frog * State Insect: Green Darner Dragonfly * State Fish: Steelhead Trout ~ Hexedgirl92

Which state has the hummingbird as the state bird?

There is no state with the hummingbird as its state bird.