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I'm not familiar with Missouri law, but I'm certain that the child support obligation would continue in such a case.


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You file for child support in the child's state of residence. All 50 states have reciprocal child support agreements and the agency in charge of child support collection will liaise with the state where the non-custodial parent lives to secure payment.

Only if the noncustodial parent becomes the custodial parent and gets a judgment to this effect.

It's a possible, in some instances the stipulation for payment for higher education is specified in an original support agreement. Also, the custodial parent can petition the court to modify the support order pertaining to that issue. Concerning any order modification, the judge will take into account the income of both parents, the possibility of grants, student loans, the student's employment possibilities and so forth, when rendering a decision.

The person not getting it, or the payer if a payment has not been posted.

In Missouri, the death of a payee is not grounds for non-payment, so they can file against his parents, regardless of age. But, you do get the SS death benefit.

In some states the non custodial parent is required to pay child support even if the custodial parent is not working, especially if the custodial parent is receiving welfare, AFDC, or public assistance. what will happen is that the noncustodial parent pays child support and the departmant of social services will take that payment and use it as a full or partial payment towards the monthly assistance grant. I do not know what the standard policy is for alimony.

Only if the venue that issues the child support order requires it. But, it should be noted that with the attention being paid the health coverage, this will like change. Most states are now requiring it. In Missouri, the obligor parent must carry it on top of the regular child support payment.

Their only legal requirement is the payment of child support.

Check the link below for specifics, but yes, except a request can be made to transfer the payment to the adult caring for the child, or the child in states like Texas, where a 16 year old cant rent an apartment.

No. Child support payments must be paid to the custodial parent. The obligor should always make payments to the custodial parent by check and maintain a record of payment. Child support payments should never be made in cash.

The custodial parent may have filed for support in the previous years and the non-custodial parent now has to pay back support and arreage (late payment charges) They should have been it's pay up. It depends on the states child support laws and what is written in the child support order. But if the non-custodial paying has failed to pay when order was written all that time...well like I's time to pay up.

It primarily affects the percentage of extras, such as insurance, but requires a 20% overall change in projected payment in order to be considered a change of circumstances. Can you tell me more ? If my income goes up, can he take me back to court right away ? How would I know what to expect as far as a reduction goes?

It depends on the court order. if there is a court order established then it will usually state the specifics. You can have private child support which means you pay the custodial parent directly or you can have your check garnished and it can be sent from your employer to the court house of the state of the custodial parent where they will distribute it.

If you referring to child support, then no. Child support is due to the custodial parent, not the child.

Who? If it's your parents then yes.

No, they are separate issues and of the two, keeping the child away from the other parent is far worse on the child and society as a whole. see link

Missouri E/St. Louis ABA (Ordering Checks): 081000032 ACH (Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment): 081000032 Wire Transfer: 026009593Missouri W/Kansas City ABA (Ordering Checks): 101000035 ACH (Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment): 081000032 Wire Transfer: 026009593

States issue public assistance but they do not make child support payments.

The non custodial parent may attempt to recover any monies that have been rendered over the amount specified by the court regardless of the circumstances. It would be necessary for he or she to file a suit against the custodial parent in the appropriate state court. He or she will be required to present to the court some form of valid documentation to prove the claim.

Sadly many states do not catch this and custodial parents get both child support payments and state assistance. Other states are okay with this and there is nothing that the non-custodial parent can do but pay the child support and if you live in one of the states that allow an accounting of where the payment goes then I suggest if you feel money is being used improperly to start asking for an accounting.

No unless you specifically guarantee payment.

Yes. If the child's RSDI benefit is based on the obligor's SSA account, it is considered child support. If that benefit exceeds the amount ordered for child support, the obligor does not owe any additional payment.

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