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The statue of limitations for a felony theft in Pennsylvania is five years. The statue of limitations for robbery in this state is also 5 years.

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There is NO statute of limitations on felony offenses in North Carolina.

Statute of limitations for theft in Arizona is 1 year for misdemeanor theft, and 7 years for felony theft. There is no statute of limitations on theft from public office.

Theft is a felony in Texas. It has a statute of limitations of 5 years.

In Alabama theft with threat of violence is a felony. There is no statute of limitations. Otherwise it would be three years.

Most jurisdictions have a statute of limitations for theft. If it is a felony, there may not be a limit on the time frame.

There is a 2 year statute of limitations on a misdemeanor theft by taking charge in George. It is a 4 year statute of limitation if it is a felony.

The statute of limitation in Pennsylvania on theft by deception is two years. After two years the individual cannot be prosecuted.

Yes, there is a statute of limitations for theft in North Carolina. If it is a felony or a malicious misdemeanor, there is no limitation. If it is another type of misdemeanor, it would be two years.

Not sure in Illinois but in Wisconsin the statute of limitation is commonly 6 years.

3 Years on all non violent felony charges in Arkansas

It will depend on the felony level of the crime. If it is a Class A felony, there is no limit. Otherwise it is 3 years.

If it is a felony theft in Arizona, the limitation is 7 years. For a misdemeanor it is 1 year.

Auto theft is a felony in Arizona. They have set the limitation is seven years.

Identity theft is a Class A felony under FEDERAL LAW. There is no statute because it is considered a capital crime.

Maryland has no statute of limitations of felonies of any kind. That means that any felony committed in Maryland can be prosecuted a year after it happens or fifty years after it happens.

Motorcycle theft would be a felony in Texas. The statute of limitations would be 5 years. But the title would still not be clear and it would be returned to the owner.

Statute of limitations for felonies in Colorado are 3 years, except for murder, kidnapping, treason, and forgery, which have no limit. So felony theft is in the all other felony category, which is only 3 years. Good luck with that! LOL Dan Wall

Kentucky's statute of limitations are very basic and simple. If the theft is a felony of any type there is no limit. Misdemeanors are set at 1 year.

West Virginia's statute of limitations are very basic and simple. They have decided that no statute of limitations shall apply to any felony. The amount taken will determine whether the theft is a felony or not. Misdemeanors that involve petty larceny or perjury are limited to 3 years. All other misdemeanors are set at 1 year.

Theft is typically a lower class felony. Georgia has set those a 4 years. It will be marked from the time of discovery of the theft.

Identity theft is typically treated as a felony. In New Jersey that would have a limit of five years.

In the state of California it's 3 years to charge a felony case if it takes the D.A. longer it's dismissed.Idenity theft is a felony.

In Michigan that would be classified as a felony. They have set the limit at six years.

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