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States establish SOL's concerning any type of lawsuit other than one that would come under federal jurisdiction. The statute of limitations will vary from state to state - check local law. Every claim should be made as soon as possible after the event, however, to preserve evidence of your position, keep information fresh, and avoid being accused in court of delaying.

Consumers should assert their legal rights if they believe they have not been treated fairly.

Bear in mind that insurance providers retain an "army" of attorneys. Insurance companies may deny a claim based on an erroneous understanding of the facts, or based on a conservative interpretation of coverage criteria when compared with the facts. The first step to countering a denial of claim is negotiation and assertion of your position. An insurance company will weigh the costs of payment of a claim against cost to them of contesting a claim, as well as the likelihood of success. An insurer will also consider how many other claims like yours may be pending, and may be hesitant to create a precedent. While the claim is a personal matter for you, an insurance company considers this a business decision. One should give serious consideration as to the personal cost and time of pursuing litigation as well as the financial expense. While it is not necessary to obtain legal counsel to negotiate a dispute, it may be cost effective, and may avoid litigation. Whether representing yourself or using an attorney, it is important to see how courts in your state have ruled on insurance claims under similar facts. Looking at that information early on can let you know how good a claim you have, and how much effort it is worth.

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You have had payments for claims recouped because the insurance company was secondary the primary insurance company is denying the claims recouped due to timely filing Is there anything you can do?

If your health insurance is thru your employer, have them contact their account rep. These issuse can be magicaly resolved when it is time to renew the company policy, if the rep is informed thast the company will seek another provider should it not be taken care of.

Which insurance companies provide health insurance to ex-felons?

All. One's conviction record is not grounds for denying health coverage.

What prohibits an insurance company from denying a claim?

Nothing prohibits an insurance company from denying a claim. An insurance policy is a legal contract binding on both parties. One party agrees to certain obligations such as telling the truth on the application for insurance and paying the premiums and the other party agrees to pay covered claims on a timely basis. As long as the insured meets their obligations under the policy the insurance company will meet their obligations.

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Your pet policy is best written to include residents, which would include tenants. Denying tenants rights that a resident owner enjoys can set up a class system in a community, which damages everyone.

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Does insurance cover car damages while driving out of state?

Yes. Your insurance adjusts to the higher or your liability limits or the minimum limits for the state that you drive into. Be aware that all U.S. insurance will cover you in Canada as well but not in Mexico. When you cross the border into Mexico your insurance does not. If you move to another state you are required to notify your insurance company and if you don't it could be a cause for denying your coverage.

Someone hit my car have witnesses and they are denying it what do you do?

Demand their insurance information, if they refuse call the police. Other than that, get a lawyer and take them to court - it is a civil matter.

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CIGNA gave me the discount on medical service which I already paid in full. But the provider is denying to reimburse the discount amt with reason service is not covered in my plan what US law says?

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What can you legally do when the person who hit you insurance company will not pay for the accident because their insured is denying fault but he was cited at the scene?

If you have insurance call YOUR insurance and they will pay for your damages and then they will subrogate (meaning they will go after the other persons insurance for reimbursement) If the other person has been cited then they are clearly at fault. Nobody can deny that, make sure you contact the police department for a copy of the police report as well.

Possible to get car dealer insurance with bad driving record I have 4 speeding tickets on my record. None are too serious and a lot of Car dealer insurance companies are denying coverage?

You need to call An insurance Agent that specializes in High Risk Auto Insurance to find coverage. An Auto Dealer is the worst and most expensive place you can ever buy insurance. You should never buy your auto insurance from a car dealer or a bank teller, They are not licensed, trained or experienced in the placement of Insurance Risks.

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