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state probation and restitution, if your a minor you might be albe to get county probation

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Q: What is the statute of limitations for theft under 1000?
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What is the statute of limitations in pa for retail theft?

1 yrs jail 1000 fine

What is the statute of limitations for simple battery in Louisiana?

In la. it's up to $1000 / 6 mo. in jail Added: Above is the penalty. Below is the Statute of Limitations and the exception to it. MisdemeanorsPunishment of fine or forfeiture: 6 mos.; fine and/or prison: 2 yrs.Acts During Which Statute Does Not RunAvoiding detection, fleeing, outside state, absent residence in state; lacks mental capacity to proceed at trial

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What is a petty theft in new jersey?

Petty theft refers to a person committing theft of property that is less than $200. A person could face fines up to $1000 or 6 months of imprisonment.

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