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I'm not sure you are using the term 'statute of limitations' correctly here. I believe you are saying the minor has been charged with possession of alcohol. If that is the case, there is no 'statute of limitations' to apply, it is a done deal. If you are asking how long it stays on their record, then it typically is there for life. You can apply to get it expunged, and typically offenses while a minor of this type are not overly critical in adult life, unless it is the start of a pattern of lawbreaking.

6 mos officers can't hold a misdemeanor charge over a youths head forever.

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Misdemeanor Classification of underage possession of alcohol?

Is possession of alcohol considered a felony or misdemeanor?

Minor in possession of alcohol in texas?

Misdemeanor offense.

What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in new jersey?


Is underage possession of alcohol a felony in Mississippi?

No it is a misdemeanor in the state of Mississippi.

What kind of offense is a minor in possession of alcohol on federal land?


Is a minor in possession of alcohol worse than a possession of a controlled substance ticket?

They are both misdemeanor offenses.

Class misdemeanor possession of alcohol by a minor?

is there a fine to pay after attending court for contributing alcohol to a minor

Is underage drinking a misdemeanor in Illinois?

Underage drinking or having possession of alcohol is a misdemeanor as long as you are convicted and proven guilty

Statute of limitations for furnishing alcohol to minors?

In TX, the statute of limitations for all misdemeanors is two years. In TX, furnishing alcohol to a minor is a Class A misdemeanor.

What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in Rhode Island?

In the State of Rhode Island, a minor in possession of alcohol is guilty of a misdemeanor. The penalty is a fine and possible jail time.

Do you get a misdemeanor for possession of alcohol on a California state beach if you are over 21?

You are legal to possess alcohol if you are over 21. If you are having legal issues you should consult a lawyer.AnswerIf it is a beach where alcohol is prohibited, you may be charged with a misdemeanor for possessing it there, even if you are of age.

In Michigan is there a statute of limitations on a criminal charge of minor in possession of alcohol?

The Michigan statute of limitations for a criminal charge of a minor in possession of alcohol is limited to the minor becoming 18 years old. Once the minor becomes an adult the charge will no longer be valid.

Is drinking under age but not driving while drinking a misdemeanor?

Yes, alcohol consumption while under age (21), commonly called MIP for Minor In Possession, is a misdemeanor.

Will a Minor in Possession of Alcohol show up on a background check in California?

It depends on how deep the background check goes. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor for possession of alcohol it will likely disappear off of your record in 3 years so it all depends.

How much in the fine for minor in possession in North Dakota?

Possession of alcohol by a minor in North Dakota classifies as a Class B misdemeanor. The fine is set at up to $1,000 or/and sentencing of about one year in jail.

Is selling alcohol to a minor a felony or misdemeanor?

It is a misdemeanor.

Georgia state statute of limitations probation violation for internal possession of alcohol for a minor?

In Georgia, the statutes of limitation for internal possession of alcohol for a minor is four years. The consequence for probation violation depends on the circumstances and could include fines or imprisonment.

Is Minor in Possession in Nebraska a felony or a misdemeanor?

Purchase or Possession of Alcohol by a Minor Class III misdemeanor with up to $500 fine and/or 3 months in jail or up to ten days of work on public streets and in parks. Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 28-106, 53-180.02, 53-180.05

What is the penalty for minor in possession of alcohol in Massachusetts?

Minor in possession of alcohol is a misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is one year jail and $1000. The specific penalty for a specific case depends on the facts and circumstances of the charge, the accused's prior history, and the location. Typically, you can expect probation with drug/alcohol eval & testing, and a fine, along with community service.

What happens when you get a minor in possession of alcohol in California?

What happens when you get a minor in possession of alcohol in California

Is consumption of alcohol by a minor a class A misdemeanor in Utah?

no it is a class b misdemeanor

How can you get arrested for an MIP?

You can get arrested for Minor in Possession of alcohol two ways. The police can find you guilty of MIP if you have alcohol in your possession or possession by intoxication.

Is possession of a schedule three controlled substance a felony in Oregon?

No. It's a misdemeanor and a very low one, at that. "Schedule IV Drugs...Unlawful Possession-Class C misdemeanor (up to 30 days and up to $500 fine, plus twice the value of any resulting gain of property or money)."

What is the definition of possession of alcohol and Idaho?

There are several. One states that it is unlawful for any person to posses more than 2 quarts of alcohol if not licensed. The second one make is a misdemeanor for any one under 21 to purchase, attempt to purchase, consume or posses any alcohol.

Can you get sited for possession of alcohol when there is no alcohol in the car?

Maybe.... did they see you throw it out of the vehicle or - were you near enough to it so that you were in "constructive possession" of it?