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What is the step by step process for a Russian citizen to marry an American citizen in America and to become an American citizen?


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After the marriage, file an I-130 on their behalf.

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The process of becoming an American citizen is called naturalization. This is the other option available if you are not a citizen by birth.

all you have to do is make sure she has a visa to be in the united states and marry her once she is there. after that she will be allowed to stay in America as long as she needs to get through the naturalizatoin process.

Yes, You have to go through a tough process but yes a Canadian can become a Citizen by marrying an American.

I do believe that it is called "Americanizationing" a term used when America wants everything to be like it.

Of course they can. It takes about 5 years to go through the naturalization process and it isn't free, but they can become an American citizen.

Becoming a citizen is a component of a larger process of migrants in the american society

No, You can only become a citizen if you apply for you citizenship through immigration. Being a legal resident and married to an American citizen can and will not change your immigrant statics unless you go through the right process.

Once a person from another nation marries a Canadian citizen, he or she becomes a permanent resident. The process takes approximately 50 days for the paperwork.

Procedural due process is a right that is granted to every American citizen. This is the ability of every citizen to be given a fair and just trial for crimes they are accused of.

It is no longer automatic. The non-citizen has to go through the process like everyone else now.

A Russian citizen must contact the French consulate in Russia to get a French tourist visa. You must go through the application process and pay all necessary fees. Then you must wait for the visa to be approved before you can travel.

The process is the same as for any other marriage. There is no citizenship requirement or screening for marriage in the United States. Marriage to an American citizen, however, does not automatically confer American citizenship upon the foreign spouse.

If one were to think about moving from Europe to America, one would need to go through the process of legally becoming an American citizen and of obtaining a "green card".

In order to become an American citizen, a person should first become 18 yrs old. Next is becoming a legal permanent resident - getting a green card. He/ she has to then maintain the required continuous residency status and permanent residency status. Becoming a US citizen is not a one-day process but a lengthy one.

The process of becoming an American citizen is referred to as Naturalization. The form that is used for this purpose is N-400 ( Application for Naturalization). People can also become American citizens by birth, or acquire the citizenship status through their parents. For this purpose, they need to use Form N-600 to get the Certificate of Citizenship

its illegal to claim that you are a citizen when your not. you have to submit a letter to your social security office of what your mistake was and wha the correct answer should be. Claiming that you are a citizen when you are not could jeopadize your process to be an American citizen.

You have to be an American citizen Best to email FBI HQ to see if you are eligible for the position you are seeking

You have to go through the process.

The process of granting a nationality or citizenship to someone is called Naturalization.Naturalization is the process in becoming a citizen.

Naturalization is the process of making noncitizens American citizens. Many immigrants wait years before they are able to become a citizen.

Even American citizens who have never been convicted of anything cannot give citizenship to an immigrant. There are only four ways to become an American citizen: # Be born in the United States, # Be born anywhere but have parents who are citizens, # Complete the legal process for becoming a citizen, including meeting residency requirements, taking the test and reciting the oath, # Be made a citizen by special Act of Congress.

The process generally takes about 80 years, but Muslims take about 90-95 because they're usually terrorists.

filing a formal declaration of intent to become a citizen with immigration authorities

If at least one of your parents is Mexican, you are also a Mexican citizen regardless of where you were born. If not, the only way i see is go thru the Mexican naturalizatin process.AnswerAlso qualifies as a Mexican if at least one of your parent's parents is a Mexican. It does not matter if they got naturalized as an American citizen, they still hold Mexican citizenship, too.

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